Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Royal Doo Dah Cocktail Extravaganza July 1

The Queens of Doo Dah
Request the honour of your presence
at a
Royal Cocktail Extravaganza

Sunday, July 1st
5 o’clock to 8 o’clock in the evening
in the
Fenyes Estate Gardens
Pasadena Museum of History
470 W. Walnut Street, Pasadena 91103

Mingle with Majesty
Sip Signature Cocktails
Dirty Doo Dah ~ The Doo Drop ~ Doo Dah Twist ~ Doodahpolitan
Savor the flavor of Doodahrific Hors d’oeuvres
Revel in Impromptu Musical Performances by Doo Dah Talent

Tickets: Attire:
$35.00 per guest with RSVP Doo Dah Cocktail Attire… or whatever!
$30.00 per PMH Member with RSVP RSVP:
$40.00 per guest without RSVP 626.577.1660, ext. 15

Hosted by Light Bringer Project and Pasadena Museum of History; all proceeds from this event support the installation & exhibition of What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been: 35 Years of the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, a major retrospective exhibition opening August 15, 2012 at Pasadena Museum of History.

Here are the programs and dates at the Pasadena Museum of History which tie-in to the big Doo Dah Retrospective show coming up, and to keep folks coming:

Sunday, July 1 5pm-8pm
Cocktails with the Doo Dah Queens in the Garden at the Pasadena Historical Museum! Open to everyone! Cocktail attire (in a Doo Dah sort of way)
This is a fundraiser to cover the exhibit and installation costs of the retrospective, $35 per person, Only the Queens are comped, please encourage people to come! We want 100 people to reach our goal!

Wednesday, August 15 evening
Soft Opening of the retrospective show!
“What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: 35 Years of the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade

Friday, August 18, Grand opening!!!
In the evening probably 6pm or 7pm
“What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: 35 Years of the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade

Sunday, September 23 1pm-6pm
DooDah Unplugged – an outdoor Music Festival at PHM FREE
various bands like Snotty Scotty and Horses on Astroturf and other Doo Dah musical acts and singers performer unplugged
Maybe we could get foodtrucks or something similar who would give us a cut

Sunday, October 7 day
DooDah/Pacific Electric Free Day (another show at the museum/tie-in some way with the train show in the nextdoor gallery)
Brad will plan activities

Mid-November 7:30 – 9pm
DooDah Symposium Panel Discussion with key Doo Dah folks in history and Ann Erdman as moderator & panelists Tom, Corky, Walter Askin, Scotty, Claire B…

December day event
We also will be decorating a Christmas tree with DooDah ornaments on tortillas, perhaps made at home, or as part of the free day or a tortilla-making workshop – need to think about that more………

WE and THE SHOW NEEDS: Volunteers who know construction… color printing and color enlargements for free (or a willing company you know?), to come to the cocktail party and recruit others to come, people to help lead aspects of the exhibit (this may include research, driving to pick things up, meeting folks, sorting through lots of pictures, organizing a timeline), Graphic artists are sorely needed!, people who can use photoshop and are good with computers…historical stuff about Doo Dah!

Patricia Hurley
Managing Director
Light Bringer Project
626.590.1134 office
facebook\light bringer project

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