Monday, December 24, 2012

Dwain Carlo Crum named Visionary of the Year

 LAVA, the consortium of some of L.A.'s most offbeat and original
creative artists, announces LAVA Visionary DWAIN CARLO CRUM as recipient of
the 2013 Visionary of the Year award
WHEN: Tuesday, January 15, 6:30-8:00pm (no-host cocktails), 8pm (award ceremony)
WHERE: In the bar of the Los Angeles Athletic Club, 431 W 7th St, Los
Angeles, California 90014
COST: Free, but space is limited and reservations required from the URL
MORE INFO: or call 213-373-1947

Dwain is a regular attendee at LAVA events. As a LAVA Visionary, he has
hosted the 2012 Memorial Day tour of Savannah Memorial Cemetery in Rosemead,
an entity for which he serves as Executive Director. Among Dwain's passions
are traveling the country in his motor home The Black Pearl, collecting
matchbook covers and swizzle sticks, organizing social gatherings for fellow
retired academics in the San Gabriel Valley, appearing as an extra in motion
pictures, and reviewing businesses on Yelp -- even though the website,
apparently unable to handle someone with Dwain's passion and energy, has
blocked all 500+ of his reviews from regular viewing. (LAVA also calls upon
Dwain's fans to contact Yelp at asking them to
free Dwain "The Pirate" C's hidden reviews and make them available for
public viewing.)

LAVA co-founder Richard Schave says "Dwain is larger-than-life,
all-embracing, accommodating and gracious, and an exemplar of the spirit of
LAVA. Please join us as we celebrate him on the eve of his departure on a
seven-month round-the-world cruise. We will miss him in Los Angeles, but
know that many new friends will be grateful for his presence out on the high
seas and varied ports o' call."

ABOUT LAVA: Through participation in LAVA, a select group of creative
professionals come together to promote cultural programming that speaks to
the urban experience while promoting positive public space. LAVA's creative
partners share a love for L.A. and unique ideas for exploring it in their
work. Formed by social historians RICHARD SCHAVE and KIM COOPER‹proprietors
of Esotouric bus adventures and the 1947project time travel blog series
(including On Bunker Hill and In SRO Land)‹LAVA brings together L.A.'s most
visionary promoters, artists, writers and thinkers. The first crop of
Visionaries in the growing curated community includes cultural chronicler
ADRIENNE CREW, artist and Eastside historian AL GUERRERO, Cacophony Society
co-founder AL RIDENOUR, avant garde fashion maven A. LAURA BRODY,
poet/publisher ALEIDA RODRIGUEZ, back-to-nature pioneer ALICIA BAY LAUREL,
filmmaker ALLISON ANDERS, writer/curator ALLON SCHOENER, designer/mom of
Chicken Boy AMY INOUYE, custom tours maven ANNE BLOCK, documentarian/radio
producer ANTHEA RAYMOND, author/gallerist APRIL DAMMANN, memoirist BARBARA
KRAFT, pop culture historian BECKY EBENKAMP, ethnomusicologist BETO
GONZALEZ, puppeteer BOB BAKER, tile historian BRIAN KAISER,
producer/promoter CHRISTIAN VOLTAIRE MEOLI, cultural events programmer
CLOWN, writer/Libros Schmibros proprietor DAVID KIPEN, Novelist DAVID
forensic scientist/educator DONALD JOHNSON, author/educator DOROTHY RANDALL
GRAY, educator and historic cemetery board member DWAIN CARLO CRUM, artist
ELENA MARY SIFF, documentarian ELIJAH DRENNER, conversation curator ERIC
VOLLMER, social connector EVONNE HEYNING, musician/performance artist
FEATHERBEARD, photographer GARY LEONARD, pop critic/outsider artist GENE
SCULATTI, musician/artist GEORGE EARTH, songsmith HARVEY SID FISHER, theater
director HOLLY WITHAM, musician/writer IAN WHITCOMB, artist JASON HADLEY,
food blogger JAVIER CABRAL, musician JEFF BOYNTON, filmmaker JEREMY KASTEN,
musician JIMI CABEZA DE VACA, social historian JOAN RENNER, writer/artist
JOE OESTERLE, writer JOHN BUNTIN, filmmaker JON ALLOWAY, documentarian JOHN
DULLAGHAN, Musso & Frank co-owner JORDAN JONES, performance artist JULES
ROCHIELLE, curator JULIE RICO, cultural curator and writer KIM OHANNESON,
"Kristin's List" cultural chronicler KRISTIN BEDFORD,
songstress/prognosticator MADAME PAMITA, esoteric scholar MAJA D'AOUST,
author/broadcaster MANNY PACHECO, writer MARGUERITE DARLINGTON, performer
photographic archivist MICHAEL RISNER, poet/dancer MONA JEAN CEDAR,
architectural historian NATHAN MARSAK, writer NEAL POLLOCK, theater director
NICHOLAS HOSKING, L.A. Historic Theater Foundation rep NICK MATONAK, music
producer NO'A WINTER LAZERUS, musician OCTAVIUS, writer /photographer
/musician PAUL KOUDOUNARIS, peace activist PAUL NUGENT of the Aetherius
Society, 3-D photography expert RAY 3D ZONE, activist and performer RD
PLASSCHAERT, historic ghost seeker RICHARD CARRADINE, artist/musician RICH
POLYSORBATE 60, filmmaker/preservationist ROSS LIPMAN, singer-songwriter
RUTHANN FRIEDMAN, ghost hunter SARAH TROOP, social networking mistress
SHAWNA DAWSON, painter/gallerist SUSAN DOBAY, artist/writer/activist SUSANNA
DAKIN, Warhol star and writer TERE TEREBA, sculptor TOM WALKER, musical
entertainer THE UKULADY, and hat designer YASMIN DIXON.

Applications from prospective LAVA members are being taken at

To learn more about LAVA, please visit

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