Friday, December 21, 2012

'Songs After Sandy Vol. 2' to be released

Nearly six weeks after Sandy ravaged the New York and New Jersey shore, Communities continue to rebuild.  Despite the enormous outpouring and attention from mass efforts, so much of the smaller grassroots communities are still in desperate need. Much of the need is not always apparent, and as many disasters before have proven, paperwork and red tape keep much of the aid at bay from those who immediately need it. To help fill this gap we are working with on the ground, not-for-profits such as Restore Red Hook, Occupy Sandy and Green Ground Zero to help communities rebuild.
The response from musicians has been heartfelt, immediate and tremendous. Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off, with a wonderful mix of some popular emerging bands, straight out of Brooklyn alongside some legendary legacy artists; from Indies to Beatles, the collection of Songs After Sandy continues to grow as efforts to rebuild do the same.
Songs After Sandy Vol 2
Alexis P Suter – “In The City”
ARMS – “Wall of Sound”
Dawn Landes – “Young Girl”
David Rat – “James”
Dave Stewart – “Just A Matter Of Time”
Eli Lieb – “New York”
Everyboy – “First Chance”
Kira Alejandro – “Better Days
Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers) – “Heat Lightening Rumbles In the Distance” Live
Slim Kings – “Waterloo”
Vandaveer – “Grace & Speed”
BONUS:  Special Paul McCartney “I’ve Got A Feeling” (previously released)
Additional tracks for Vol 2 to be announced over next few weeks and third and final Volume to be announced January 14, 2013.
Signed & Unique Items include:

2 ROGER HODGSON (the voice of Supertramp) a pair of tickets and post show meet n greet for his concert January 12 in Ridgefield, CT (Ridgefield Playhouse) and the same for January 13 at City Winery
1 thenewno2 Signed Fender guitar from band, including: Dhani Harrison, Paul Hicks, Jonathan Sadoff, Jeremy Faccone, Aaron Older and Frank Zummo. 
1 EDGAR WINTER Hand written and signed poem "Thanksgiving"
1 BEN FOLDS FIVE   Signed Limited Edition Lithograph by artist Eric Joyner
1 BEN FOLDS FIVE Signed Ben Folds Five CD "The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind" as well as a signed test pressing of the double vinyl LP version.
BAKED – (Beloved Red Hook coffee shop) 25 dollar gift card, box of brownies

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