Monday, June 29, 2009

Rock A Mole joins with Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

Invitation to Help Change The World

To the artists of America:

Have you arrived at the conclusion that the world needs a change and you want to be there when it happens? Please accept this invitation to help change the world. The only thing you need to bring is your creativity.

America finally has the potential to come together. We can now overcome the barriers that have always separated us because foreclosures, lost jobs, and the lack of health care have eliminated the distance between us.

Musicians, filmmakers, painters, writers, graffiti artists, photographers, poets, DJs (and so many more) collectively monitor the pulse of the people. It is the artists who can take advantage of the positive possibilities that have emerged alongside the upsurge of poverty. Through our artistry—songs or spray can pieces, poems or plays, on screens or canvases--we express the hope, faith, and truth that resides in our souls.

To change the world, creativity needs connection to the actual struggles for housing, healthcare, equality, and a better life. The search for that connection led us to the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC). We have aligned with PPEHRC because it is a movement to end poverty led by the poor themselves, because PPEHRC wants to end poverty not just reduce it, and because PPEHRC places a heavy emphasis on culture. PPEHRC is also truly nationwide, with affiliates from Maine to Oakland, from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Minnesota. Artists are welcomed into their ranks not just for their skills and visions but because, after all, most artists are poor people too

Aligning with the struggle to end poverty feeds our souls. It is also a primary source of new audiences that await all that artists have to offer the world. If you would like more information on how this works, contact Rock A Mole Productions at .

For more information about the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, check out

Thank you.

Rock A Mole Productions / Los Angeles
June 24, 2009

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