Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Used's new single on sale now

The Used are pleased to announce their first single, “Blood On My Hands” is on sale now at iTunes and www.TheUsed.net.

For one day only (June 30th) the band will stream the song in it’s entirety at www.theused.net.

The track, from their upcoming album “Artwork”, which guitarist Quinn Allman describes as the song that “sums up everything about The Used,” is confined chaos, brutally thrashing one moment and proffering a pop-driven, sing-along chorus the next. A very limited number of shirts featuring full tabs and lyrics of the song are also available for purchase with the single at www.TheUsed.net.

link to purchase single on iTunes: http://01detail.com/click/161905

Link to purchase on TheUsed.net: http://01detail.com/click/161881

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Anonymous said...

this song is so amazing, im so stoked that i bought it with the special bundle package with the t-shirt on THEUSED.NET!

also, check out this sick lyric video (no sound) that goes along with the song: