Sunday, September 27, 2009

Keith Murray and Canibus release new EP

Underground heroes Keith Murray and Canibus define – Power. Passion. Poetry. Hip-Hop is littered with emcees that use these three words as the blueprint from which they attempt to construct their style, but the list of those who succeed is painfully short. Rakim, KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane immediately jump out as artists from an earlier era that best fused these three traits, joining Eminem, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. from more recent times.

There are two underground titans that the mainstream will try to overlook, but those who know hip hop, know the skills of multi platinum “beautifullest vocabulist” Keith Murray and “lyrical sharpshooter” Canibus. Both known as two of hip-hop's heroes , they have recently joined forces to create THE UNDERGODS .

EP production skills includes Erick Sermon, The Beatminerz, Amadeus and Gordo.

Debut EP drops digitally September 29th on Sound Records for $5.99 at,

About Sound Records
Launched 18 months ago, Sound Records is the vision of partners/principals—and music fans—Kenny Stumbo and Noah Hartkopf, who serve as president and VP, respectively. The independent startup already sports a roster of established and emerging artists from the rap to pop/rock worlds, including Keith Murray and Canibus (AKA The Undergods), Bronze Nazareth, Project Lionheart and Bekker. Sound Records is focused on delivering music from all genres. The mission: to build a mutually beneficial haven for talented and hardworking artists whose music resonates with many. Hartkopf declares, “Seattle is ready to explode again.”

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