Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thad Cockrell to release new solo album

THAD COCKRELL—is releasing his first solo album in six years on Oct. 13.

A preacher’s son born in Kansas City, Thad Cockrell emerged as a singer/songwriter with his debut album Stack of Dreams in 2001, followed up by Warmth and Beauty in 2003. He teamed up with Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown) in 2005 for the duet album Begonias. The Washington Post called the album “a worthy successor to the duets of Johnny Cash and June Carter, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, and Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton.” After a journey that almost caused him to stop making music, Cockrell reached back to his roots and channeled the depths of his artistry to reveal a new sound. Now, Cockrell is set to release his first solo album in six years titled To Be Loved.

The album came together with the help of engineer/producer Jason Lehning (Alison Krauss, Guster, Lyle Lovett). The songs “Rosalyn” and “Beauty Has A Name” resonate an upbeat pop sound with layers of melodic instrumentation paired with Cockrell’s powerful tenor vocals. No Depression remarks “A Country Of My Own” as “...showing Cockrell as a confident, ever-developing songwriter worth following wherever his muse might take him.” In “Look Up Sara” Cockrell gives valid proof behind The Tennessean describing him as “[…] the guy who found that perfect pop sensibility Paul Simon seems to have lost somewhere along the way.” Throughout the record, Cockrell continues to expand on his unique sound with poetic gospel arrangements such as “The Master’s Calling,” “Great Rejoicing” and the title inspiration “Oh To Be Loved,” that at times sound straight out of a tattered book of hymns.

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