Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Polysics release new album digitally today

Polysics, the forward-thinking, avant garde, electronic band from Japan is releasing its eight effort today in digital format. Entitled Absolute Polysics, the band is firing on all cylinders daring any listener to remain still during the record’s frantic and chaotic 14 tracks.

Influenced by the new wave stylings of Devo, Polysics founding member Hiroyuki Hayashi, aka Hiro, knew he had to form his own band after listening to the Akron, Ohio band.

“I was shocked by it,” Hiro says of his first experience with Devo. “I thought it was so much more punk than just acting like a gang by greasing one’s hair. I was so impressed, and I thought, ‘I want to do new wave punk dressed in a jumpsuit like Devo!’”

Formed over ten years ago, Polysics (Hiro on vocals, guitar, programming; Kayo, synthesizer, vocals; Fumi, bass; Yano, drums) has released eight full-length releases in their native Japan. The band, now signed to MySpace Records, released the definitive Polysics compilation POLYSICS OR DIE!!!! VISTA in 2007 which went on to become their best selling U.S. release.

Previously Polysics wowed boys and girls across America in support of Hellogoodbye, and Say Anything on the first-ever MySpace Music Tour. Last year, the band headlined North America in support of their We Ate The Machine.

It’s been a whirlwind decade for Polysics, and there’s still so much to do. The quartet is bringing new wave back, breaking down musical barriers, and reviving dance-filled rock shows across the U.S. Sure, they may be speaking another language altogether, but with their undeniable energy and immense sound, nothing gets lost in translation.

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Track Listing:
1. P!
2. Shout Aloud!
3. Young OH! OH!
4. Hypnotize Go
5. Time Out
6. Bero Bero
7. Cleaning
8. E.L.T.C.C.T
9. First Aid
10. Fire Bison
11. Eye Contact
12. Beat Flash
13. Speed Up
14. Wasabi

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