Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upcoming concerts around California

Anaheim, CA

November 20th Municipal Waste @ CHAIN REACTION-(714)-635-6067-1652 W. LINCOLN AVE-7:00 DOS/7:30 SHO-$15 ADV/$15 DOS

Chico, CA

September 28th Darkest Hour @ THE SENATOR THEATER

November 19th GWAR @ SENATOR THEATER-517 MAIN STREET-7:00 DOS/8:00 SHO-$20 ADV/$23 DOS

Fresno, CA

September 23rd – SHADOWS FALL w/ Five Finger Death Punch, Otep and 2 Cents @ CREST THEATER-1170 BROADWAY PLAZA-(559)-268-0044-6:30 DOS/7:00 SHO

Los Angeles, CA

October 7th – CHTHONIC w/ Satyricon, Bleeding Through, and Toxic Holocaust @ KEY CLUB - 200 W. SECOND ST-$15 ADV/$17 DOS (UPDATED)

November 16th – GWAR @ HOUSE OF BLUES-8430 SUNSET BLVD-7:00 DOS/8:00 SHO-$25 ADV/$18.75 4-PACK/$27.50 DOS


November 19th – Municipal Waste @ KEY CLUB-(310)-275-5800-9039 SUNSET BLVD-6:00 DOS/6:30 SHO-$12 ADV/$12 DOS

November 20th – Dethklok @ Palladium

November 28th – Chimaira w/ Trivium @ HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM-6215 SUNSET BLVD-(213)-962-7600-2:00 DOS/3:00 SHO -$27.50 ADV/$31 SHO

Orangeville, CA

October 9th - CHTHONIC w/ Satyricon, Bleeding Through, and Toxic Holocaust @ THE BOARDWALK- 9426 GREEN BACK LN-(916)-988-9247-$23 ADV/$25 DOS

October 17th – Skeletonwitch @ THE BOARDWALK-9426 GREENBACK LANE-(916)-988-9247-$15 ADV/$18 DOS-7:00 DOS/7:30 SHO

Pomona, CA

September 24th – SHADOWS FALL w/ Five Finger Death Punch, Otep and 2 Cents @ THE GLASS HOUSE-200 WEST SECOND ST-9098653389-6:30 DOS/7:00 SHO

October 1st - DARKEST HOUR @ GLASSHOUSE-200 WEST SECOND ST-$22.50 ADV/$22.50 DOS-6:00 DOS/7:00 SHO

October 8th – CHTHONIC w/ Satyricon, Bleeding Through, and Toxic Holocaust @ KEY CLUB- 9039 SUNSET-(310)-786-1712-$16 ADV/$20 DOS (UPDATED)

October 10th SKELETONWITCH @ THE GLASS HOUSE-200 W. 2ND STREET-(909)-629-0377-7:00 DOS/8:00 SHO-$25 ADV/$25 DOS

November 23rd – GWAR @ THE GLASS HOUSE-200 WEST 2ND ST-(909)-865-3389-7:00 DOS/8:00 SHO-$20 ADV/$22 DOS

Sacramento, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

September 29th-DARKEST HOUR @ THE CATALYST-1011 PACIFIC AVE-(831)-425-7799-$19.99 ADV/$22 SHO-7:00 DOS/7:45 SHO

San Diego, CA

October 13th – Skeletonwitch @ SOMA-3350 SPORTS ARENA BLVD-(619)-226-7662-$14 ADV/$16 DOS-7:00 DOS/7:30 SHO

November 15th – GWAR @ HOUSE OF BLUES-1055 5TH AVENUE-(619)-525-1925-6:30 DOS/7:30 SHO-$22 ADV/$25 DOS

November 18th – Municipal Waste @ THE CASBAH-(619)-232-4355-2501 KETTNER BLVD-8:30 DOS/9:00 SHO-$14.50 ADV/$15 DOS

San Francisco, CA

October 9th - SKELETONWITCH @ THE GRAND-1290 SUTTER ST, 3RD FLOOR- (415)-673-5716-6:00 DOS/7:00 SHO-$27.50 ADV/$30 DOS

October 10th - CHTHONIC w/ Satyricon, Bleeding Through, and Toxic Holocaust @ SLIM’S- 333 ELEVENTH ST-(415)-255-0333-$18 ADV/$20 DOS

November 21st – Municipal Waste @ SLIM’S-(415)-255-0333-333 ELEVENTH ST-7:00 DOS/8:00 DOS-$15 ADV/$15 DOS

November 24th – GWAR @ REGENCY CENTER @ THE GRAND BALLROOM-1209 SUTTER ST-(415)-673-5716-7:00 DOS/8:00 SHO-$22 ADV/$25 DOS

November 27th – Chimaira w/ Trivium @ THE WARFIELD-982 MARKET ST-(415)-345-0900-2:00 DOS/3:00 SHO -$26 ADV/$30 SHO

San Jose, CA

November 21st – Dethklok @ Events Center

San Luis Obispo, CA

October 15th – Skeletonwitch @ DOWNTOWN BREWING CO-1119 GARDEN ST-(805)-543-1843-$15 ADV/$17 DOS-6:30 DOS/7:00 SHO

Ventura, CA

October 2nd –Darkest Hour @ MAJESTIC VENTURA THEATER-26 S. CHESTNUT ST-$21 ADV/$23 DOS-7:00 DOS/8:00 SHO


Victorville, CA

October 14th – Skeletonwitch @ KARMA-12152 COTTONWOOD AVENUE-$13 ADV/$13 DOS-6:30 DOS/7:00 SHO

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