Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peter Himmelman lauches new children's Web show

With more and more kids looking for entertainment online, what better way to launch a new kids' variety show than on the web?

Peter Himmelman, the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and family music artist, will launch Peter Himmelman's Curious World on Sunday, September 27 at 10 am (Central Time) on The show features a studio audience of kids discussing provocative questions posed by other kids. Peter Himmelman and his band also perform musical hits in the ten weekly episodes which will run each Sunday morning through November 29. To preview, visit the Curious World site.

In each Curious World webisode, Peter poses the theme of the day (“Friends,” “Animals,” “Sharing,” “Imagination,” “Adventure,” etc.) and reads related questions from kids. Kids in the audience then discuss ideas on the theme. Interspersed through the show are on-the-street visits with a shop owner, a dog walker, surf instructor and other people with expert information.

Some of the wittiest scenes are Himmelman’s backyard “Turtle Talk” chats with King Ferdinand, his wise and soulful African leopard tortoise. Himmelman and his band perform the original Curious World theme song along with tunes from his award-winning family music albums. The webisodes were filmed in HD at LA’s legendary Village Recorder studios.

Himmelman also just released My Trampoline, the first CD from a new label, Minivan Productions. With songs about a trampoline, an African leopard tortoise named King Ferdinand, a picky eater named Peter, and the scarcity of kids named Steve, Himmelman mixes his offbeat sense of humor with lush pop stylings and irresistible beats to delight everyone in the minivan. The CD just won a 2009 Gold Award from NAPPA, the national parenting publications association.

Minivan Productions is the new family music label, based in Venice, CA. Headed by Dan Perloff, Minivan aims to become a brand synonymous with quality artists who are doing some of the most engaging children’s music today. This music will be smart, energetic and parent friendly, with artists of the caliber of premier artist Peter Himmelman.

In early 2010, Minivan also plans to reissue CDs from Peter Himmelman’s catalog: My Fabulous Plum, My Best Friend Is a Salamander and My Lemonade Stand, which have been out of print for a while. Like the cover art for My Trampoline, all of the Peter Himmelman CDs will feature cover art by world renowned illustrator, Pete Oswald, who also created the cover for his Grammy nominated CD My Green Kite (Rounder). Next up, Minivan plans a compilation series of kid-friendly songs by well-known artists who don&rsquo ;t usually record children’s music.

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