Friday, October 23, 2009

End o' week musings

I was feeling like I was ahead finally yesterday and today, well, it seems I am behind again!! Too many things to do and not enough hours in the day...

Last weekend was busy. Friday night I took my mom to the 99 Cent Store and Walgreens and then rushed home to catch my friend (and drummer) Ric Sarabia on "Medium." He warned that his part was kinda icky and it was! He was a terrific dying cancer patient and suspected serial killer... hmmm.... now that's creepy! Lol!

Saturday, I worked and then slipped by the Gallery at the End of the World for a Doo Dah Parade float meeting. The venue plans to sponsor the outgoing queen float again this year, which will feature the irrepressible Queen Skittles. It's going to be even better than last year... well... except for the fact that last year the float paid homage to me....

Sunday was dance day for me and my drummer Ric. It was a small, intimate show, which was extra fun because, in addition to our routine, Ric and I were able to go out into the audience throughout the entire venue. The pot luck was pretty good too. The women running the show liked Ric so much that they called him up to do another song and play drums for open dancing. And some people recognized him from the TV!

Wednesday was a letdown because the Dodgers are out now... oh, well, maybe next year...

Thursday was better. I interviewed Geno Henderson about his parts in "Baby It's You" opening soon at the Pasadena Playhouse. He's a musician and he will be acting, singing and playing guitar in the show. He was very nice and has a gorgeous voice- definitely worth catching his performance!

In the evening my mother and I went to Royal/T in Culver City for the opening of "Three Apples," an exhibition celebrating 35 years of Hello Kitty. The place was packed with a line all the way down the block of people waiting to get in! We waited quited some time and it was worth it. There was an amazing art show, plus everything Hello Kitty- even golf clubs! My mum and I took our time going through the venue to take it all in, only pausing for slices of cake. Yummy!

We were looking at one case filled with Hello Kitty items when I was approached by a camera crew and a beautiful woman with a microphone. It turned out to be from Japanese television and they wanted to interview me about the exhibit. I showed them my purse and other Hello Kitty goodies (my favorite is my compact, but I had my rings, hairclips, coin purse, wallet, pez dispenser.... you get the idea). It was pretty funny and in some ways a little embarrassing because I really do love Hello Kitty things.

Since it was a gala opening event, guests were given gift bags, which included a tote bag, books, a few collectibles and other fun things. So now I have even more Hello Kitty stuff- yay!

Tonight I'm planning to head out to the Buccaneer Lounge in Sierra Madre to meet up with Adam Marsland. He usually performs with his Chaos Band and I recently interviewed him. He wants to talk about the scene and get some ideas for different places to play. I just can't resist a good music chat.

And speaking of chats, Emilie Autumn will be at the Glass House Saturday and I'm going to be there too~ I adore her!! You can read my interview with her at

If Victoriandustrial isn't your cup of tea, but you're hankering for some jazz/dub/reggae, Thelonious Dub will be celebrating the release of its new album -- there's a posting on my blog with all the info or visit
Next week promises to continue to be crazy in my world and much of it (except for my special guy's birthday) is Halloween related. I will be auditioning to emcee my work's Halloween party, as well as working on my costume. The party is Thursday and on Halloween I will be in Bellflower as a denizen in a haunted house. Too much fun for one grrrl?!?

In rotation this week: Emilie Autumn, Grant Langston, HorrorPops and a little bit of this and that.

Photos we got 'em: A photo of me from my dance gig and some other dancers who were very creative, plus a few animal pics from e-mail I received.

Thought o' the Week: Don't rest too long, yet seek balance. I really just want to sleep and nap and be lazy, but there's too much to do and some of it is really awesome. With everyone getting sick, I'm being extra sure to eat good, exercise and hit the pillow early when I can and so far, so good. I'm feeling pretty good emotionally and physically.

And coming clean, I've not done much this week except pamper myself. But I needed it... we all do sometimes. Now, it's time to get back in action and back to work. I'll still find time for a nap over the weekend, though! You should too, as it is good for the body and the soul....

Keep on rockin'

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