Friday, October 30, 2009

Noriega to release album Dec. 8

Upstart label Viable Records is proud to announce the group’s first release: NORIEGA’s ‘Desolo,’ December 8. Boasting members of Los Angeles buzzband Black Sheep Wall, NORIEGA has also launched pre-orders for the band’s debut EP, and posted "Life By Myself", from the five-track effort, both available at

Melding the heaviest of the doom bands with licks reminiscent of pseudo-jazz as much as they combine hardcore riffing with meaningful imagery and lyrical poetry in, all in tandem with originality Black Sheep Wall only briefly displayed, NORIEGA should be a welcome addition to the pool of talent in the extreme metal world years after the worlds of metal and hardcore started to combine, evolve, branch, and inspire.

"We all went through Daniel's passing," Thompson says of the recent passing of Admiral Angry's Daniel Kraus during the writing process of ‘Desolo,’ one of the band's collective close friends. "It's definitely a negative energy on the album for that reason among many others. But, we don't want it to be saying it's hopeless. Not only with the lyrics, but also with the music, there's definitely an awkward vibe [for the band], but we wrote these songs in context to a series of less than ideal circumstances; like you don't relate to anyone, that you're more alone than you will ever realize. That's what we tried to do with these songs."

Tying into those feelings are the appearance of Admiral Angry vocalist Chris Lindblad on two of the tracks on ‘Desolo,’ including the 12-minute EP-closer "Ballacaust."

NORIEGA will make its live debut in its current incarnation Thursday, Oct. 29 in Los Angeles at Relax Ba alongside Struck By Lightning (ex-members of Mouth of the Architect), Danger Invites Rescue, and Weight. The band also plans on holding a record release show closer to the release date of ‘Desolo,’ and is mapping out tentative touring plans.

12/5 – Los Angeles, CA – CD Release Party

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