Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Johnny Game to release new album on Halloween

Johnny Game – who is set to release the fourth and most accomplished album of an already storied career - is by no means your average hip hop star.

While a lot of rappers might talk the talk and call themselves soldiers, Johnny has truly lived it. A six-year stint in the army punctuated a musical career that started when he was just 11 years-old.

But far from slowing his career down, the military hiatus has made Johnny an even better artist; something confirmed by the relentless brilliance of new album ‘Hood Muzik’.

The record is both a continuation of the style that Johnny has made his own through his three previous albums and a departure from the usual mass-market hip hop and R&B that seems to dominate the airwaves.

A true independent, Johnny has produced tunes that show he has an ear for a hit, while still being able to lay down conscious, intelligent lyrics. Combined, this makes ‘Hood Muzik’ a record as much for the real hip hop headz as it is for the dancefloor.

Whether driving round town, listening at work or just chilling at home, the tracks here will have you both moving and thinking. And that’s not something you can say of most rappers…

Being an accomplished DJ as well as a rapper, Johnny has an ear for a smooth beat as well as killer rhyme. It is a talent that has already brought some major attention. He has worked with luminaries such as DJ Chronic, Question, Pappa Duck, Santino, Koncept and Meaksta, alongside a host of big name producers, and has contributed to the famous Coast 2 Coast mixtapes.

And it’s not just the industry that’s all a-blaze for Johnny. The people love him too. He has had three songs make it to number one on the hip hop chart. He has clocked up more than 30,000 plays on and an amazing 350,000 myspace plays. Not bad for an independent artist!

And one thing’s for sure: the only way is up for Johnny. Why? Because this soldier’s got Game.
The album, ‘Hood Muzik’, is out October 31st – don’t miss out.

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