Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kings of Modesty release new video from upcoming album

Finland’s finest prog metal export, Kings of Modesty, are gearing up to take it to the next level toward their quest for global domination, with a striking new video for a standout track from their forthcoming full length debut (‘Hell or High Water’), titled “Never Touched the Rainbow.”

Shot in an unmistakably David Lynch-esque style, the story line focuses on a gentleman who turns out to be delusional, and is “hanging between two worlds.” Directed by Carda Helenius, the video was shot in Helsinki (at Hotel Vaakuna and Finland's top nightclub, Tiger), while the main characters are played by Karri Leino and Päivi Salminen.

Comprised of members Jason Flinck (vocals), Samuel Hjelt (guitar), Mikael Hjelt (keyboards), Henrik Tuura (bass), and Raino Simoinen (drums), Kings of Modesty will be releasing ‘Hell or High Water’ on May 4th in the US, and are aiming to tour behind it.

“Hammering melodic metal” (in the vein of Queensryche, Dream Theater, and Kamelot) is a spot-on description of the style that the quintet specialize in, and the song “Never Touched the Rainbow” - and its accompanying video - serve as the perfect taster for this fast-rising group of headbangers.

To view the “Never Touched the Rainbow” video, go to KoM’s channel on YouTube:


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