Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noveau Series Guitar collection to show at NAMM Museum in San Diego

ArtofMusicInstruments.com announced today the release of The Nouveau Series Guitar collection, which will be featured in the National Association of Music Merchants' Making Music Museum in San Diego, California in autumn 2010. Thirteen truly unique instruments blending fine art and quality lutherie. Original art by Louis Comfort Tiffany (Tiffany art glass), Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, Lucien Pissaro, Emile Galle' and other historically significant artists of the Art Nouveau period have been incorporated into Michael Spalt's extraordinary collaged resin-topped bodies.

"The beauty of developing curves, textures, and colorsinviting the play of light, alive with intrigue, artful themes and some of the most unique weddings of architecture and style found anywhere, The Nouveau Series is superb in every sense," says Paul Schmidt, internationally known author and Art of Music Instruments founder.

In addition to the original Art Nouveau art, the collaged resin-topped bodies, Klein's eloquent body silhouette, and the exotic rosewood necks, the instruments feature custom-to-this series Fralin pickups with specially colored bone tops, Klein acoustic-styled bridges, handmade tuner buttons, and a variety of other subtle thematically consistent aesthetic touches.

Michael Spalt adds, "The sound and playability has surpassed my expectations. Low action with finely tuned frets in combination with slightly longer scale gives a harmonious sound, with good attack and sustain and excellent playability. The large body, comfortable to hold, with a highly carved back, resonates warmly. The bone-top pickups sparkle and sing - the sound is unique yet useful for almost any musical genre."

Years of design, as well as careful and costly art selection precede the release of The Nouveau Series, enhancing its stature as one of the rarest and most artful collections of electric guitars ever offered.


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