Friday, May 28, 2010

The New Loud gives nod to "Twin Peaks" with new album

“Wrapped In Plastic” by The New Loud is a nod to the seminal 1990 David Lynch TV series, “Twin Peaks,” as told from the perspective of the murdered icon, Laura Palmer. “Wrapped In Plastic” emulates the cloaked normalcy and edgy atmosphere of the series by tweaking a pop song template, adding change-ups in time signature and dissonant harmonic keyboard hooks. Undercurrents climax when a foreboding noise pad in the bridge overtakes the mix for a second before being tucked neatly back, just in time for the last chorus.

“Wrapped In Plastic” is the second single from The New Loud’s upcoming LP, Measures Melt due June 8th. The album was produced and recorded by band member Shane Olivo and Mixed by Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Rilo Kiley, Drive Like Jehu). Like all New Loud tracks it is available directly from the band as a Radiohead-style pick-your-price here:

The New Loud is a new wave/electro/punk band from the working-class Midwestern city of Milwaukee, WI.

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