Wednesday, June 30, 2010

everyBoy to release album

At 17, everyBoy (aka Bruce Nathan) entered Brown University with the goal of learning Japanese before graduation. Four years later, he was fluent enough to find himself working in Japan, studying classical Japanese literature, haiku poetry, and Buddhism. He remembers the delicious irony of riding in the back of a stretch Mercedes with his mentor — an old Zen monk named Shin. Several wealthy laypeople who wanted to lunch with Shin provided the car. everyBoy loved how Shin-sensei relished the luxury, yet remained extremely humble to the experience. This is a lesson that has served everyBoy well and informs his debut album, The Last Lala’s.

everyBoy is a New York based songwriter crafting catchy folk-pop tunes not unlike George Harrison in style and certainly similar in message. Clearly a disciple of the Dylan school and follower of that Harrison way, everyBoy’s debut welcomes you on a spiritual journey addressing life, love and our place in the universe. In addition to attracting new fans to his sound -- everyBoy recently performed to a full house at the El Ray in Los Angeles as a featured act on the David Lynch Foundation’s tribute to Donovan -- everyBoy is also working with top notch talent in the studio.

The Last Lala’s wouldn’t have been possible without the gracious and generous input of guitarist Ben Peeler of The Wallflowers, bassist Tom Freund who has long played with Ben Harper, keyboardist Brian LeBarton who plays with Beck and drummer Adam Topal, an original member of Jack Johnson’s band. The tracks were mixed by Grammy Award-winner, John Holbrook who has worked with the likes of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Fountains of Wayne. Like his Shin-sensei, everyBoy is humbled by the support and his inspirations remain innocent. “My Uncle Richie used to change the lyrics of ‘Rocky Raccoon’ to ‘Brucie Raccoon,’” everyBoy recalls. “To a kid, that was magic.”

The Last Lala’s
Release Date: 7/27/10

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