Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SongVote launches playlist and social tool

SongVote is proud to announce the launch of, a new collaborative playlist tool that gives users the ability to start theme-based playlists and invite their friends to participate. functions like an open election for the perfect music for an upcoming party, event, radio show, wedding, reunion or any other situation that calls for some crowd-sourced jams.

Creating a playlist and inviting your friends to collaborate is a very simple process; Simply choose a theme or event, start it off by picking a song (or leave it blank) and then invite friends to join with the ability to import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or share the link with them directly on their Facebook wall. Friends, fellow party-goers or wedding guests can then submit a song to the playlist and cast their vote on other users songs, affecting the rank and order of the songs within the playlist, thus creating the internet's first music democracy!

“SongVote connects people by reflecting the diversity and similarity of musical tastes of the group,” says SongVote Co-founder James Fontana "People can express their taste in music with votes, explore and affirm the votes of friends and strangers, and have some serious fun with the music they love"

SongVote can be utilized for any occasion that calls for music but can also just be a fun way to connect and collaborate with friends who share a love for music. Users can create a contest to see what music their friends are into this month, to get new ideas for any type of playlist, or to show off their indie knowledge and discover new bands and artists.

Uses for SongVote:

--Create a playlist like 'Roadtrip Songs'

--Invite friends to add their choices and vote on the others

--See the best songs rise to the top


-As a way to get music fans involved with your site/content by asking them to 'pick' the music for an upcoming event/radio show

-As a fun tool for friends to share new music and old music 'gems'

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