Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Okee Dokee Brothers to release new family album

End the Midsummer Doldrums! Get on Board with The Okee Dokee Brothers and
New Family Music Release from Twin Cities Duo Aims for Active Fun
Coming August 3rd!

Just when the dog days of summer arrive and the family needs a pick-me-up, The Okee Dokee Brothers will deliver their newest collection of energetic songs called Take It Outside. Featuring 13 original songs designed to get families on their feet and out of the house, Take It Outside offers enough witty wordplay, musical sophistication and food for thought to engage listeners of any age.

The Okee Dokee Brothers is the acclaimed Twin Cities duo of Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing, who won national notice for their first release, Kids with Beards (2008). Coolmompicks pointed to the “smart, funny lyrics that are equal parts hillbilly, seven-year-old boy and your favorite teacher,” The national Fids and Kamily poll of children’s music critics included Kids with Beards in its Best Kids and Family Music of 2008 selections. A School Library Journal reviewer said, “Hopefully they will continue to craft their musical magic and spread their message.”

Take It Outside does continue the magic, capturing one full day of childhood, from waking up for a little “Bluegrass for Breakfast” to hitting the hay at night with “Sweet Dreams.” Mailander and Lansing blend a little bit of country, quite a bit of bluegrass, and add in pop and funk influences for good measure. The crisp new sound for Take It Outside is helped along by Grammy award nominated producer Tor Hyams (known for creating Kidzapalooza and Austin Kiddie Limits, among other kindie music events).

Guest artist Adam Levy (Honeydogs and Bunnyclogs) performs the rocking lead electric guitar on the song “Hero.” Stefan Shepherd of contributed liner notes.

Take It Outside provides themes for thought, trending toward both the silly and the serious. Whether it’s the memorable bluegrassy “Wash Your Face” sing-along song, or the bare-naked folksiness of “The Naked Truth,” kids and parents will find a lot to sing and laugh along with.

Some songs are educational in the broadest sense, such as the introduction of the longest word in the English language (“Antidisestablishmentarianism”) or the fast-talking challenge of “Auctioneer.” Others offer important messages delivered without preachiness, as in the environmental theme of “What We Got” and the social acceptance of “Neighbors.” Some songs tell a little story (“Lucy and Tighty”) and others simply jump to zany flights of fancy (“The Extraterrestrials”).

“We think kids deserve quality music,” says Mailander. “We put a lot of heart and soul into this recording and all of our live performances. From start to finish, we want to encourage kids to get outside and have fun with their families.”

Lansing adds, “We believe that by going outside and enjoying nature, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the world around us. This can only lead to respect for our neighbors, cultures and earth.”

Indeed, lifelong friends Mailander and Lansing are outside and enjoying nature most days of the year, amid performing at libraries, schools, festivals and theaters. This summer, they returned to their home state of Colorado for several shows. On August 7th, they'll celebrate the CD release with a free concert in Minneapolis. They’ll also perform in 35 public libraries throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. In September, The Okee Dokee Brothers full band will perform at the Every Family Rocks Festival in Des Moines and at the Minnesota State Fair. They will be featured performers at Austin Kiddie Limits (a stage of the larger Austin City Limits festival) in October.

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To view the duo performing songs from Take It Outside, visit their Youtube channel.

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