Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog reader shares Michael Jackson events Aug. 29 and beyond

I get mail and I love it! Here's a note from one of my readers that I had to share. ~M

Hey, August 29 is Michael Jackson's birthday. All kinds of MJ stuff is still going on.
The costumer guy has a book coming out scheduled for Oct 30, his partner passed last Dec. I found this actual article, instead of a standard press release:

Juliens auctions will be offering some of the iconic fashions from Michael J & Michael Bush on Dec 1, items are touring the world at a few lucky spots previous to the auction.

Mid September brings us some special re-release of "BAD" for its 25th anniversary.

Las Vegas will have an MJ theme not yet revealed, and the in-residence "Cirque du Soleil" MJ show.

And many more, I am sure! OH Yeah, Twitter is doing something MJ/BAD specific on Wed Aug 29, but I am not Twitter hip, I gotta get crackin'!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer! Jeanie C.

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