Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Randy Rhoads book signing and guitar giveaway Sept. 8

This is the year that marks the 30th Anniversary of guitar icon RANDY RHOADS’ passing (at age 25).

This is an EXCLUSIVE venue. It will be the only book signing venue in Southern California for this year.

WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012

EVENT: Book signing

WHAT: RANDY RHOADS written by Andrew Klein and Steven Rosen
Pictorial biography book, 400 color pages including rare images,
10” x 13” ($99 retail)

TIME: 3:00pm – GJ2 Guitars by Grover Jackson, give-away – World reveal
Grover Jackson – will be giving away the guitar

Special entertainment provided by musician Matt Beal

4:00pm – Book signing, Q&A

· Additional give-away: Limited edition of fifty (50) photo poster of Rhoads signed/numbered by the authors – never before published or seen by the public

Both authors Andrew Klein and Steven Rosen will be attending/signing books

Also in attendance - Jon Gold - CEO and co-founder GJ2 Guitars by Grover Jackson – recently covered with Jackson in Orange County Business Journal

There will be more surprises in store at the venue!

“RANDY RHOADS” – picture biography
Finally, after years of anticipation, comes the release of this biography written by Steven Rosen and Andrew Klein, which vividly documents Randy’s life and career. Teeming with hundreds of rare photographs and memorabilia, the book chronicles an oral history of Randy’s remarkable life through those who knew him best. Packed with countless emotional and poignant stories about the guitar icon, the book weaves a powerful tapestry of colorful memories about his life, which help provide deeper insight into Randy, the man, the myth, the legend. His life is a lasting testament to his supernatural talent and quiet humility.

Today, mythologized and immortalized, Randy Rhoads has become a veritable pop culture institution. Paying homage to his pioneering ability, Marshall Amplifiers created a custom amplifier that bears Randy’s name and signature sound. Action figures and sculptures with Randy’s likeness have become highly sought after collector’s items, while Jackson Guitars have sold millions of Randy Rhoads model guitars, pleasing the late guitarist’s loyal legion of dedicated followers. His image graces innumerable music magazine covers annually.

Before his tragic death at the age of 25, Randy Rhoads was on a fast track to being hailed by critics and public alike as the greatest rock guitar player of all time. Over a short two-year period, Randy recorded two seminal multi-platinum albums with Ozzy Osbourne, which are heralded today as among the most noteworthy recordings in hard rock music history. Through his jaw-dropping six-string work on songs such as “Crazy Train,” “Mr. Crowley,” and “Flying High Again,” Randy Rhoads achieved legendary status as a guitar icon and his artistic legacy continues to grow with each passing year.

A brilliant guitar virtuoso, Randy’s masterful ability of bridging rock and classical techniques, helped him forge a groundbreaking style of guitar playing. In 1981, Guitar Player magazine honored Randy by selecting him as best new talent of the year. Humble and self-effacing, Randy refused to rest on his laurels. Instead, being bestowed with this prestigious award motivated him to strive for greater creative heights. Tragically, Randy’s life ended much too soon when on the morning of March 19th 1982 he was killed in a small private plane that careened into the garage of a plantation home in Leesburg, Florida.

Randy Rhoads’ ascendancy to super-stardom was inevitable. Tirelessly honing his craft, he was a devoted student of his instrument, endlessly practicing and perfecting his skills. His days were spent as a guitar teacher and by night he solidified his rising reputation as the “next big thing” on the Hollywood club scene. His big break arrived when he assumed the lead guitar slot in Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band. Soon the entire music world would be dazzled by his spectacular flights of fiery fretboard sizzle, swiftly recognizing the merits of this burgeoning guitar genius.

With his dynamic six-string wizardry, Randy Rhoads invented an exciting and technically advanced style of explosive hard rock guitar playing that dominated the ‘80s music scene. Decades later, his massive influence continues to shape, educate and inspire first, second and third generation players and music fans that marvel at his extraordinary musicality and stunning instrumental prowess. Today, Randy’s legendary status as a guitar hero is assured, joining the pantheon of rock’s Mt. Olympus where he stands proudly alongside such revered guitar heroes as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Ritchie Blackmore.

No one trick pony, Randy was well versed in a multitude of musical genres seamlessly cross-navigating rock, blues and classical. In fact, his immense love of classical music continued to be a driving force in his life. Until his untimely death, he continued to take classical guitar lessons in an effort to break new ground as a player.

Grover Jackson – GJ2 Guitars by Grover Jackson - is the President, co-founder and figurehead; he oversees all aspects of the business including design, R&D and manufacturing. Grover was the founder & owner of the legendary Jackson / Charvel Guitar Company. Grover also owned & managed his own state of the art recording studio working primarily in the film and TV industry. In addition he has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of electric stringed instruments including but not limited to Fender, G&L, James Trussart, BC Rich, Washburn and Rickenbacker. These relationships range in nature from technical consultant and CAD/CAM service provider to spokesperson to key management positions. He has been building guitars for several companies, including some of the above, in his own shop in Laguna Hills and looks forward to putting his valuable experience to good work with GJ2.

Jon Gold – GJ2 Guitars by Grover Jackson - is CEO and co-founder; he will be responsible for all aspects of sales, marketing, pricing and profitability. Jon has worked in the sales and marketing arena of the musical instruments industry all his life. In 12 highly successful years at the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation he was instrumental in transforming their International business with his vision, leadership, drive and relationship skills. He has also been involved in consulting within the industry for such companies as Seymour Duncan, Armadillo Enterprises and Blue Microphones and has previously worked to improve the sales of such brands as Taylor, Mesa-Boogie, PRS, Washburn, G & L, Line 6, Ampeg, Crate and many more.

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