Thursday, August 23, 2012

Double Naught Spy Car to release third album

Double Naught Spy Car ( announced today that they will release their third full-length CD, Western Violence, on Tuesday, October 16. A CD release party at Villains Tavern in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon, October 13 is also confirmed.
Based in Los Angeles, Double Naught Spy Car is an instrumental quartet who recorded 13 new tracks that are as iconoclastic, adventurous and somewhat gleefully demented as previous efforts—and more. Their take on everything from Bollywood soundtrack, surf, exotica, prog rock, funk and everything in between is nothing short of reckless. The band sound is as eclectic as their Beverly Hillbillies-inspired name.
“Double Naught Spy Car rocks, socks, rolls, and sizzles,” said crime novelist James Ellroy. “This is a swinging, raunchy, bluesy, throaty, growling band. Double Naught Spy Car rules. Woof.”
The musical legacy of Double Naught Spy Car began in 1995 at L.A.'s Echo Park/Silverlake musical scene at Spaceland in the 1990s. The band’s legacy of sweat drenched epic shows runs the gamut from House of Blues to Knitting Factory and Largo residencies to Al's Bar (RIP). They've backed up James Ellroy, Stan Ridgway, Moris Tepper, Stew, and a long parade of singer/songwriters, and stumbled into the legit modern classical world with the American Composer's Forum.
Double Naught Spy Car’s back catalog includes their debut Comb in Blue Water(1997) and Danger High (2002). Live, they've played surf and new music festivals, were the house band for Circus Sirius, shared stages with Pere Ubu, Banyan, David Lindley and Jonathan Richman and collaborated with ex-Zappa and Beefheart alumni. If it's fringe or bold, with a palm tree in the background, Double Naught Spy Car has been there, played that.
A brief Northern California tour is scheduled for November, and in February 2013 Double Naught Spy Car will do a series of shows with Stew in New York and East Coast cities. A Spy Car studio project backing up Mr. Smolin on his upcoming CD has just been completed. What’s more, “Stewcar,” a collection of songs improvised on the spot by Stew and Double Naught Spy Car in three marathon sessions, with a grant from the American Composers Forum, will be released later in 2013.

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