Friday, August 24, 2012

Pianist Byron Janis spreading awareness of the power of music

Legendary, virtuoso pianist, Byron Janis, renowned as one of the world’s greatest concert pianists, has overcome the obstacles of performing with psoriatic arthritis and has also become a composer, an educator and a humanitarian. He is embarking on a path to bring awareness of the healing power of music as well as its spiritual importance. This year he will participate in a variety of events and numerous appearances in the United States and overseas.

Mr. Janis’ strong desire to be involved with meaningful and purpose-driven events in line with his humanitarian and educational objectives have led to the redesign of his website, the launch of a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as a YouTube series, crafted of current and historic excerpts of his life. The series is designed to illustrate his most recent and famous performances as well as highlight tributes to Mr. Janis from prominent individuals from all sectors of performing arts and humanitarians of this century.

Through the remarkable new technology of Yamaha Remote Live, Mr. Janis is able to reach people globally while he continues his mission to increase the awareness of the importance of the performing arts. This technology enables a performance played on a Disklavier reproducing piano in New York to be streamed to other Disklaviers anywhere in the world in tandem with a video broadcast, making it ideal for remote master classes and concerts.

When & Where:
The on-going series will begin with “A Life In Music Honored”, and will provide fans and music lovers alike the opportunity to join and watch this renowned icon demonstrate his remarkable range of artistry on stage and the ability to reach out globally through the internet.

YouTube series can be seen here:

Mr. Janis has recently released the re-mastered compilation CD entitled, The Chopin Collection. This new release is a combination of Byron Janis Plays Chopin, which was released in 1996 and Byron Janis True Romantic. The Chopin Collection brings together for the first time on a single CD both recordings of the two previously unknown versions of Chopin waltzes which he discovered: the ‘Grande Valse Brilliante’ in Eb major (Op. 18) and the Waltz in Gb major (Op. 70, No.1).

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