Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Groundhogs DVD to be released

Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to announce the September 18 DVD release of Live At The Astoria by The Groundhogs [Pre-book Order Date August 24, MSRP $11.98].
Filmed in London on February 20, 1998, with audio in Dolby Digital Stereo, this 12-song 81-minute excursion into the blues has guitarist/vocalist T.S. McPhee, bassist Eric Chipulina and drummerPete Correa celebrating the legendary bluesman Howlin’ Wolf [1910-1976] while on tour in support of their Hogs In Wolf’s Clothing album. Starting and finishing with songs from that album, the concert—the first such Groundhogs show ever filmed—also spans 30 years worth of material.
The Groundhogs formed in 1963. Their 1968 Scratching The Surfacedebut, with “Still A Fool” (included here) introduced an eccentric jam-happy band of Brits who became legendary for stretching their songs to interminable lengths. They disbanded in ‘76, reformed in ’85, and by the time of this ‘98 show, had honed their craft into a razor-sharp no-frills blues blast of classic rock’n’roll proportions.
Audiences on both sides of the Atlantic learned to love them as they not only served as backing bands for such notable blues stars as John Lee Hooker and Champion Jack Dupree but recorded 20+ albums that fused an eccentric sense of humor with hard rock, plenty of blues and hippie shuffles.
THIS is The Groundhogs in their prime!
Eagle Rock Entertainment previously released this concert as a DVD/CD set in September 2008.
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Track Listing:
1) Introduction
2) Shake For Me
3) Eccentric Man
4) 3744 James Road
5) I Want You To Love Me
6) Split Part 1
7) Split Part 2
8) Mistreated
9) Still A Fool
10) Cherry Red
11) Groundhog Blues
12) Down In The Bottom

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