Friday, November 23, 2012

End o' week musings

Just as last week was flowing over with events, this week was calm....

Sunday I went to the $2 movies and saw "Lawless." It's a film based on the true story of three brothers making and running moonshine during the Prohibition. It was terrific! The costumes, scenery, sets, accents, script.... I did find the violence disturbing, but it was important to the storyline, so I will give it a pass. If you like period pieces, you might want to check this movie out, but leave the kiddies at home.

Yesterday I took my friend Dean with me to the annual no-turkey Thanksgiving at Carin and Tom's house. We continued our tradition of playing the "Twilight Zone" game. It's not a drinking game, sorry, nor is there some great grand prize- you just win to win.

Each player prepares a list of 10 "Twilight Zone" shows they think might be shown during the television marathon, along with a couple of alternates. We all roll dice and the highest scorer makes his top 10 selection first, the remaining players roll again and the winner makes his top 10 and so on.

Before each show starts during the marathon, everyone makes a guess as to what it might be that is not already on everyone's lists. If it doesn't seem to be that show once it's rolling, then everyone can yell out which one they think it is, unless it's already on someone's list. Points are scored with the most going to the guess prior to the show, followed by shout outs and pre-listed. But you can make up the scoring as you wish.

It's usually a super fun game, but this year was a bit of a letdown because KTLA was alternating two half-hour "Twilight Zone" episodes with on-hour "Outer Limits" shows. Not only are the "Outer Limits" show kinda draggy, but they made the competition slow going. On top of that, at the beginning of every show TZ or OL, there was a banner across the screen: Your watching  the Twilight Zone/Outer Limits marathon. That drove me nuts!! It's not your, it should be you're as in you are!! I'd write them a letter but I'm not sure they would get it.

Well, the company and the food was good. We had spinach dip, salmon with cream cheese, chocolates, champagne with strawberries, Martinelli's and that was just the nibbles. Dinner was steaks, garlic cheese mashed potatoes and rolls. Oooo and we had berry cheesecake too with whipped cream. I had fun giving fingers of whipped cream to Tuffy the cat, who gently licked the treat off my fingertips. Yes, it was a nice day for all.

This weekend I don't have tons planned, but I will be dropping by Scenic Drive Gallery in Monrovia for the opening of its Just Kibbe exhibit.

In rotation this week: Weird Al Yankovic and Sunflower Dead.

Photos we got 'em: Two cute animal pics from the web and a couple of leftover shots by Dean Lee of me at the Disney holiday media outing (Sugar Rush woo hoo!) and the Hello Kitty event.

Thought o' the week:  Cherish the small things. This time of year, we usually spend a little time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for, but people tend to focus on the "big" stuff. Yes, of course I'm thankful for family, friends, health, a roof over my head, food in my tummy and so on, but there's so much more.

When was the last time you really stopped to smell the flowers on a walk? Did you feel the sun or rain on your face and did it make you smile? What about that cat that always comes out to greet you on your walk and purrs? And how about that pretty feather you find in the grass?

Life is filled with so many simple joys that often get pushed aside for bigger thrills or just the hurry of the world. I think of what my friend Greg Richardson, the Strategic Monk ( says about taking some time to sit quietly and reflect on things, both inwardly and outwardly. It is important to do this, it helps you find peace and better connects you with life, as well as soothes the spirit. You don't have to spend a day in quiet - although it might be nice! - just 10 minutes will do. And when you do, you should also think about how much you cherish the small things.

Keep on rockin'

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