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Esotouric offers Weird West Adams crime bus tour Dec. 8

Esotouric's Weird West Adams Crime Bus Tour Reveals Strange Tales of a
Neglected Neighborhood

WHAT: Esotouric's Weird West Adams Crime Bus Tour
WHEN: Saturday, December 8, 12pm-4pm
WHERE: Departing from 2nd Avenue Park, at 2nd Avenue and West 25th Street in
West Adams, one block north of Adams Blvd.
COST: $58/person
INFO:, 213-373-1947

 On December 8, Esotouric, the offbeat bus adventure company
that unearths fascinating criminal skeletons from L.A.'s civic closet,
offers its occasional neighborhood true crime tour, WEIRD WEST ADAMS. West
Adams locals and interested bystanders won't want to miss the chance to hear
all the newly-unearthed dirt.

ABOUT THE TOUR: On this guided tour through the Beverly Hills of the early
20th Century, Crime Bus passengers thrill as Jazz Age bootleggers run amok,
marvel at the Krazy Kafitz family's litany of murder-suicides, attempted
husband slayings, Byzantine estate battles and mad bombings, visit the
shortest street in Los Angeles (15' long Powers Place, with its magnificent
views of the mansions of Alvarado Terrace), discover which fabulous mansion
was once transformed into a functioning whiskey factory using every room in
the house, and stroll the haunted paths of Rosedale Cemetery, site of
notable burials (May K. Rindge, the mother of Malibu) and odd graveside
crimes. Featured players include drunken ice cream men, the most famous
dwarf in Hollywood, mass suicide ringleader Reverend Jim Jones, wacky
millionaires who can't control their automobiles, human mole bank robbers,
comically inept fumigators, kids trapped in tar pits, and dozens of other
unusual and fascinating denizens of early Los Angeles.

There are even some celebrity sites along the route, including the death
scenes of Motown soul sensation Marvin Gaye and 1920s star Angels baseball
catcher Gus Sandberg. And the architecture too is to die for, as the Crime
Bus rolls down the elegant streets of old West Adams, lined with gay
mansions, adorable bungalows and signs of a century's decay which only
enhance the neighborhood's charm.

Passengers on this eye-opening, funny and informative tour will forever see
the West Adams district in a new light. It is highly recommended for natives
and newcomers alike, crime and history buffs and anyone who likes to seek
out the unexpected.

Esotouric's Richard Schave and Kim Cooper are proud members of LAVA - The
Los Angeles Visionaries Association.

Upcoming Esotouric bus tour and special event schedule (free events starred)
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Sat December 8 - Weird West Adams crime bus tour
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(info at
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For more info on Esotouric, visit

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