Friday, November 23, 2012

Starlings, TN release new album

“The Holidaze” is a new holiday song by Starlings, TN.  The band’s Heartache In 4/4 Time album is out now.


“We play your granny’s music in a way she never heard it!” – Starlings, TN

“I wanted to write a Christmas song that was closer to what I think the holidays are for a lot of people,” says Steven Stubblefield, the man behind Austin’sStarlings, TN.  That song, “The Holidaze,” now available for download, was directly inspired by a review by journalist John Book of the current Starlings, TNalbum Heartache In 4/4 Time which appeared earlier in the year on Book’s blogThis Is Book’s Music.

“I started writing the song about the time the review came out,” saysStubblefield.  “I remember vividly thinking that dry socks, smokes, and a bottle of whiskey would be a hell of a Christmas gift.” Taking things full circle, “The Holidaze” made its debut today on Book’s website and is reviewed here:

“This song is set during the holidays, in and around a dysfunctional family, and you are getting to look at this family as if you’re a fly on the wall,” Stubblefieldexplains of the song.  “There is a lot of holiday music I can’t stand. All that happy, cheery music is like nails on a chalkboard for me.  I think for a lot of us, the holiday season is overbearing and intense, so I wanted to pen something real.”

“The Holidaze” by Starlings, TN is available for download now. The currentStarlings, TN album Heartache In 4/4 Time by Starlings, TN is also out now via the Chicken Ranch Records.

Starlings, TN
“The Holidaze”
(Chicken Ranch, Out Now)

01. The Holidaze 
02. We Wish You A Merry Christmas


Starlings, TN
Heartache In 4/4 Time
(Chicken Ranch, Out Now)

01. Too Little Too Late
02. One More Time
03. Wear Your Smile
04. Aragon Mill
05. Firearms and Seeds
06. A Girl From Tchoupitoulas St.
07. Dry County In Hell
08. Daylight Saving
09. Leaving Mississippi
10. (Tonight) I’m Just Lookin’ To Get Laid 
11. Suffer No More
12. You Will Heal 


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