Monday, November 19, 2012

Workman cat and dog calendars make great gifts

Sure, you've seen all kinds of cute animal calendars, most of them created by professional photographers with the creatures posed to perfection. Workman Publishing has turned that page and has been accepting entries from pet owners around the world for its calendars.

Check out 365 Dogs ($14), 365 Cats ($14), 365 Kittens-A-Year ($13), 365 Puppies-A-Year ($13), Bad Cat ($14) and Bad Dog ($14) - each boasts a different pet each day, along with a little biography. The calendars also feature breed facts, health and care tips, trivia and more.

You may even recognize some local characters, such as Summer, a golden retriever from Azusa, sitting in a flower bed or black and white pup Sally of West Covina, who grins with a sparkle of trouble. Whether you know the cats and dogs or not, these calendars will brighten up your counter or desk every day of the year.

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