Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Yardbirds 2-DVD tour set to be released

An integral part of the 60’s British Blues Boom, legendary rock pioneers The Yardbirds took standard 12-bar blues, doubled the tempo, kicked up the amps, and carved out the mold for modern hard rock. Introducing some of the world’s greatest guitarists – Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck – the band crafted such classic hits as “Train Kept Rollin’” (later covered by Aerosmith), and “For Your Love.” Now, on the cusp of the band’s 50th Anniversary, the latest incarnation of  The Yardbirds will release Making Tracks, a 2 DVD tour set available on December 11 via MVD Entertainment Group [MSRP $19.95].
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and founding member/drummer/composer Jim McCarty states “The DVD Making Tracks was great fun to make, and I think it really shows how young and old musicians can work together in a spirit of harmony and energy, giving credence to a great repertoire.”
Shot at multiple concert dates over the course of the past two years, Making Tracks, produced and directed by Bruce Macomber, McCarty and Yardbirds guitarist Ben King for Reel Time Productions, features 32 track audio recordings and was filmed using six HD cameras.
Disc 1 contains 17 songs, including new material. Some of the footage was captured at B.B. King's in NYC, which Guitar World Magazinecalled the  "best concert of the year." Disc 2 features "Glimpses," a tour documentary, extra interviews with the band, 2 songs by  The Jim McCarty Band, and additional music by  The Yardbirds.
The Yardbirds re-united in 1995, a couple of years after their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Original members McCarty and Chris Dreja put together a new line-up, introducing a fresh generation of dynamic musicians. Guitarist King has been with the band since 2005 and lead singer Andy Mitchell and bassist Dave Smale have been onboard since 2009. This line-up continues the band’s legacy of extraordinary musicianship.

Track Listing:
1.)   I’m Not Talking
2.)  Drinking Muddy Water
3.)  Heartful Of Soul
4.)  My Blind Life
5.)   Train Kept Rollin’
6.)  Shapes Of Things
7.)  Mystery Of Being
8.)  The Nazz Are Blue
9.)  Think About It
10.) Over Under Sideways Down
11.) Crying Out For Love
12.) For Your Love
13.) Happenings Ten Years Ago
14.) Dazed And Confused
15.) I’m A Man

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