Friday, March 15, 2013

Nat Osborn releases album

Nat Osborn, a sensational songwriter and artist representing an eclectic range of musical styles and leader of the Nat Osborn Band will release "The King And The Clown" on March 28th.  Nat's sophisticated artistry and soulful songwriting are showcased on the album.  

Nat, a New York native, has toured across the US and most of Europe, developing a dedicated following.  A self described "funky Rufus Wainright," Nat has led bands and has been writing music for over a decade.  The powerhouse seven-piece ensemble supporting Nat is comprised of prodigious young talents. 

The Nat Osborn Band seamlessly blends elements of rock, reggae, funk, pop, and even klezmer and jazz, creating thrilling new sounds.  The songs on "The King and the Clown" range across multiple topics as well as styles. Many of the songs reflect social and political issues with a sense of "paradise lost" that typify the generation that came of age post-9-11 though Osborn's romantic personal side is also reflected in songs of longing, lost love, and hopeless attraction.   
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To view video for Fire in the Wind from "The King and the Clown"

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