Friday, March 15, 2013

Scythia seeks funds for epic fantasy music video

Scythia has just kicked off an "Indiegogo" Campaign, in an attempt to find crowd funding for their upcoming epic fantasy music video: ”Bear Claw Tavern” with the renowned director Richard Olak.
Since 2008 Scythia, has been bringing some of the most epic progressive metal with a twist of folklore. Their albums, tracks, and performances features rich, poetic storytelling, and epic tales that captures the imagination of all who are privy to its lyrical melody. Now they need a music video equal to their music and have started a IndieGoGo campaign to raise $2100 which is part of the costs of the video production.
Scythia’s campaign is rich in personalized, epic and limited items such as a Scythia House Party, Engraved Beer Mugs, Genuine Drinking Horns, Signed Merchandise and more. They have made sure there is something for everyone from $2 to $1000 and have included some great packages so you can grab a few of the great items at a time. Find more details about the Indiegogo campaign and donation possibilities here:
"Fundraising is new territory for Scythia. Usually, we are able to cover the costs of our endeavors’ on our own. But this time, we are really pushing hard to take this band to the next level and that means producing high-quality media (like music videos) for our fans and followers. This fundraising campaign is a great way for fans to get in on the action and be a part of this project. It's really exciting stuff and we know that people will be watching this video for years to come!"
If Scythia exceeds the goal, the additional funding will be used for additional production features such as CGI, better costumes, stunts and special effects. All of which can be very costly thus every little bit counts. Scythia also understands not everyone can contribute so if you cannot make a financial contribution they ask that you share their campaign link with hopes others might appreciate what Scythia is doing and be able to help.
Scythia will be heading out on a western Canadian tour this spring. You can keep up with all the tour dates, how the music video is coming along and more about the band online.
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