Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Neverwonder shows in July

Frankie, Annette, and...Neverwonder?! Yes, indeed - It's a Groovy Rock 'N' Roll Beach Blanket Bingo Party at DiPiazza's, 5205 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Saturday, July 20. Hear a great concert by Long Beach's very own Neverwonder, currently riding high with their stellar new CD, "Really Let It Out." Early 7:30 p.m. start. All ages. $8. Info: (562) 498-2461 or    

   Also on tap: show at House of Blues in Hollywood on Saturday, August 10.

    Neverwonder (Alima Soul, lead vocals; Scott Ramsay, guitar; Vincent Ramos, bass; Andres Ramos, drums) were recently selected as one of the "25 Artists Who Made 2012 Rock" by Rockwired Magazine. "In 2012 the band welcomed singer Alima Soul and combined the incomparable rhythm section of the brothers Ramos. Neverwonder takes flight again," writes Rockwired Editor/Publisher, Brian Lush.          

  For Neverwonder info, music, and upcoming shows, go to the band websites at and on Facebook.

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