Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Architects release album and graphic novel

Today marks the official release of Episode One, The Architects’ breakthrough combination album and graphic novel Border Wars. With equal parts epic album, visual artistic expression and heavy storytelling, the project spans two years of blood and sweat-sodden labor consuming tens of thousands of cigarettes and thousands of midnight hours to bring fans the biggest, coolest experience possible.

The build-up to the first Episode release has resulted in three individual exclusive premiers. Jaded Punk spotlighted the energetic track “Peter Fonda” with an exclusive stream on Friday, July 12th. The following Monday, Alternative Press opening their morning coverage with an exclusive listen to “Lucky” and a 4-page peek at illustrator Mallory Dorn’s adjacent graphic novel. Hours later, A.V. Club would provide the world’s first listen to the episode as a whole, supplying the band with a full album premier. 

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