Friday, October 24, 2008

"A Chicago Christmas Carol" opens Nov. 29

Opens November 29th, running through December 21st, 2008

Only $20 General Admission, $5 off for students (code 007)
Gala Opening w/reception following only $30

Crown City Theatre Company is proud to announce the opening of their World Premiere Musical Adaptation of “A Christmas Carol.” This production takes Dickens’ novel and places it in the stockyards of 1908 Chicago giving the piece a Brechtian quality with music reminiscent of Kurt Weill.

About The Show
In transplanting Dickens’ tale to the stockyards and street corners of 1908 Chicago (as portrayed in Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”) this new musical, “A Chicago Christmas Carol” is a powerful indictment of corporate America set against the background of the furious Chicago winter. As the wind howls across the city, we see the struggle of the poor in a very visceral way.

We see Scrooge not as a cranky old man, someone to be laughed at and perhaps pitied, but as a man who holds the power of life and death in his greedy hands. His final conversion is not a happy turn of events, but a necessary re-alignment of how our society should conduct itself.

With the current economic situation in our country and around the world, this production makes Dickens novel even more poignant today by reminding us of our not so distant past.

With an exciting new book and score by William A. Reilly set to powerful lyrics by Gary Lamb, this new ‘world premiere musical’ is sure to have an effect on even the greediest of hearts. If you see any “Christmas Carol” this year, this is the one to see. Although some material might not be suitable for the very young or sensitive audience members, it is sure to move, provoke and challenge your ideas of Dickens novel and remind you how vital and important this story remains.

The Talent
Cast Includes: Sonja Alarr, Bill Bookston, Tara Brown, Brad Fitch, Malek Hanna, Gary Lamb, Shannon Lamb, Joanne McGee, Heather Roop, Selby Schnobrich, Chris Shepardson, Danielle Soibelman, Hollace Starr and Michael Vodde as Scrooge

Part of Crown City’s mission throughout its history is to create theatrical productions that use music as an integral component to tell the story or to enhance the play.

Director: Tam Warner
Assistant director, production stage manager: Kimberly Bullock.
Set design: Dean Cameron.
Costume design: Caitlin Erin O’Hare
Lighting design: Barton Leibovitz
Properties: Joanne McGee.

About the Theatre Company
Crown City Theatre Company has been producing in L.A. and Nevada for the past 12 years. They finally found a home at St. Matthew’s Church and opened their own theater on May 17th, 2008 inside what was once a meeting hall/theater. Since opening their new theater they have produced “I’m Just Wild About Harry” an original musical adaptation of “Charley’s Aunt” and an “hilarious” production of “Twelfth Night” as well as bringing in L.A.’s hottest Tribute band Not Fade Away to do “A 50s/60s Rockin’ Tribute: Twist and Shout!”

“A Chicago Christmas Carol” runs November 29th thru December 21st, 2008

Performances are at: Crown City Theater at 11031 Camarillo St. No. Hollywood, CA. 91602, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 and Sundays at 2:00 and 7:00.

General admission is $20.00. $5 off for students (code 007)
Gala Opening on November 29th is $30

RESERVATIONS: Go to or call 818-377-4055.


GROUP SALES PHONE: (818) 942-6684 or Email:


BRECHTIAN: Brecht created an influential theory of theatre, the epic theatre, wherein a play should provoke rational self-reflection and a critical view of the actions on the stage. For this purpose, Brecht employed the use of techniques that remind the spectator that the play is a representation of reality and not reality itself... Such techniques included the direct address by actors to the audience, unnatural stage lighting and the use of song.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mickie for being such a great supporter of our theater company... you keep helping us plug away and we'll keep doing exceptional work! Gary

Mickie said...

Hello Gary,
Crown City has been making a name for itself by offering unique productions, so I just can't resist getting the word out! Theater is still alive in SoCal.