Friday, August 28, 2009

Rehasher added to Paper + Plastick Records' offerings

Paper + Plastick Records is proud to announce that the new REHASHER album will be added to the labels growing catalog of vinyl. High Speed Access To My Brain can be pre-ordered beginning today exclusively at, where fans can also get a taste of the new album by downloading the recently released P+P summer sampler, containing the track “Turn Around.”

The Gainesville punk band is lead by guitarist/vocalist Roger Manganelli, P+P label owner Vinnie Fiorello’s band mate in Less Than Jake, and boasts members from local punk bands Army of Ponch, Bullets To Broadway and Savage Brewtality. The band self-recorded their sophomore album at Manganelli’s own Moathouse Studios, and self-released the CD on their Moathouse Records, which will be released on vinyl via Paper + Plastick on September 11th.

“Rehasher are a group of friends of mine from Gainesville that happen to also make great melodic punk,” says Fiorello. “This record is them on their ‘A’ game and is hands down, flat-out amazing… and I’m not just saying that because one of the dudes sleeps 15 feet away from me six months a year.”

Tracklisting for
High Speed Access To My Brain:
1. Turn Around
2. 5 Extra Long Miles
3. My Compass Must Be Broken
4. No Eye In Team
5. Cold Stone
6. Saving Face
7. Out of Ideas
8. Lose My Limits
9. Y.S.C.
10. Hangin' on the Telephone
11. SuperFan
12. Finish What i Started

The band formed in 2002 as an excuse for a group of friends to hang out and play music, and resulted in the 2004 release of Off Key Melodies via No Idea Records. lauded the album, and stated “The all-star lineup comes through and ignites simplistic three-chord punk rock via a vigorous charge,” and AbsolutePunk, which commented, “ brings back the days of Lagwagon and NOFX-style punk.”

Due to the members' other musical endeavors, touring is difficult, but fans will be able to catch what is undoubtedly going to be an unforgettable live show at this year’s edition of The Fest, happening in Gainesville from Oct 30 – Nov 1.

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