Friday, August 28, 2009

Robert Francis at the Glass House Sept. 26

Recent Atlantic Records edition Robert Francis will be performing at the Glass House in Pomona on September 26th to promote his upcoming album Before Nightfall. Francis and his band (bassist Alex Kweskin, drummer Richard Gowen, and guitarist Graham Lathrop) will be performing with Portugal. The Man. We see great things in store for this young talented artist.

Since Francis' indie Aeronaut Records release One by One in 2007, he has been attracting fans and those-in-the-know all across the country. One By One earned positive reviews from critics who compared Francis to a young Townes Van Zandt. The attention led to a record deal with Atlantic Records, which is releasing Before Nightfall on October 20th.

With Francis' upcoming album he recalls the voice of a simpler and more truthful era when people were singing about things that mattered. Growing up in Los Angeles as the youngest in a family of musicians, he possesses a maturity far beyond his years. With Francis' husky baritone voice, finger-picked acoustic melodies, and uncluttered arrangements he injects one hundred percent truth and emotion into each of his songs. His music is full of spirit and resonates with the soul evoking a feeling that fills the heart with something real.

The songs on Before Nightfall glow with an earthy, homespun quality that draws on everything from country, to folk, to blues, to roots rock. The album was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer D. Sardy (Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, etc).

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