Friday, September 18, 2009

Shimmy Showcase Sunday

September 20: The venue name may have changed, but Sunday Shimmyshowcase lives on! Alexiis ignites another evening accompanied by Live Music from ANSUZ to which Guest dancers Saphira, Gaea, Kalila, Ilana, and Yasmin will add some great movements. Come on down to I-Candy Coffee (formerly Coffee Haven) and let this illustrious group of performers entertain you!

We have openings October 11 (GOTH night!), October 18 (with Ansuz!) and October 25 (Halloween). PLEASE check out the upcoming Showcase Calendar below and contact us if you’d like to perform!

Everyone is invited to this cozy haven for a relaxing evening among friends. Select your favorite beverage, hot or cold, from an assortment of coffees, teas, smoothies or juice; add to that a tasty sandwich or pastry; and then seat yourself alongside our magic carpet to enjoy some really great dancing at NO cover charge!

The SHIMMY SHOWCASE begins at 7 p.m. at the I-CANDY COFFEE in Long Beach (1708 E. Broadway -- 562-437-3785).

Below is our upcoming schedule for the next several Sundays at the I-Candy Coffee in Long Beach. If you are a dancer interested in performing at an upcoming showcase, please check out the schedule below for open dates and then email us at
with the dates on which you'd like to perform.

September 27: “Fringe and feathers” is the theme for this Shimmyshowcase. If you are a fan of vaudeville, old fashioned burlesque and love glam and glitter, this is the show for you! Our creative coordinator Saviya will be joined by Maria Elena, Devon, Xandra and the Om Sisters. This is always a fun theme, so please come down and let us entertain you!

October 4: Shimmy Showcase founder Alexiis presents her students for this special evening of American Tribal Style (ATS) Inspired dancing at I-Candy Coffee. In addition to her students, she is proud to welcome Sister Studio Teacher, Sooz, and her lovely students. It is annual student recital night at Shimmy Showcase!

October 11: Saviya presents “Gothic Inspiration” with Live Music by Ansuz! Saviya and guest dancer Katerina will mesmerize you with dance images drawn from the dark fantasy amid the mist, whispers and candle light. Dancers who hear the call of the midnight butterfly, raven, and shadow goddess please contact us at for a performance spot.

October 18: Shimmyshowcase welcomes Ansuz for another evening of dancing to Live Music! Coordinator Alexiis welcomes guest dancers Kamar, Masa, and male dancer Siraj who will perform with this very nice group of talented musicians. We could add another dancer, so if you would like to be part of this Shimmyshowcase, featuring live music plus some high caliber dancing, please contact us at

October 25: Xandra returns for a scary night of dance—no, not because she is dancing, but because it’s our annual Shimmyshowcase Halloween show! Meryem Vani, Jennelah, and Draka have already signed on for this fun theme night. We have room for one more dancer to thrill our audience with haunting moves. If you’re interested, please contact us at

November 1: GREAT NEWS! Elan (Marguerite & Rico) return to play for another Shimmyshowcase. This talented duo draws from a broad repertoire that encompasses not only middle eastern rhythms and melodies, but a whole lot more besides! Coordinator Saviya also welcomes guest dancers Kalila, Saphira and Gaea for an amazing evening of top entertainment you won’t want to miss. Please bring friends and arrive early to enjoy pre-dancing singing by Marguerite as you enjoy some refreshment from the menu. You can check Elan out at:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please allow time for parking to avoid missing any of the fun. Since street parking around I-Candy Coffee is scarce, we recommend you try the perimeter of the park located two blocks west of I-Candy Coffee at Broadway and Cherry. Please try to arrive before 7:00 PM (earlier if you’re a performer!) as we try not to start the show until everyone has settled with a tasty beverage.
for additional information, please visit our website at:

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Sunday Shimmyshowcase!

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