Thursday, October 15, 2009

Artists call for next Gallery at the End of the World group show

The Gallery At The End Of The World is a slightly legendary gallery at the top of the hill in Altadena, CA (just north of Pasadena). Every season, we host a magnificent 4-day art opening and reception called the ArtBender Weekend. In addition to our regular crew of artists, we like to have 30+ "guest artists" for each show.

We're pretty open minded about what kinds of artwork we accept, with an emphasis on having a diversity of styles and a healthy mix between "established" artists and up-and-comers. And it helps to have a good attitude-- we like established artists who appreciate the vitality and enthusiasm of their younger counterparts, and younger or less-established artists who have the presence of mind to appreciate the mentorship of the more established artists.

ALL ARTISTS PAY A SMALL CO-OP FEE TO PARTICIPATE, with the amount based on how much space you need. All the co-op fees are used to help keep the gallery up and running as we are a non profit organization.

At the GATEotw, the gallery space itself is a living, breathing, and ever-evolving work of art. From the 50 year old trumpet vines that shade the Patio, to the vintage Shasta travel trailer that serves as the office, to the cleverly hand-built stage, bar, and kitchen, the space really must be seen to be appreciated.

And the 4-day (Thursday-Sunday) reception format is very unique, and has proven to be a great factor in driving art sales-- unlike a regular opening, where the patrons glide through, eat some cheese or a cracker and sip the ubiquitous cheap white wine, at the ArtBender Weekend people tend to settle in and stay for a while. After the investment of driving all the way up to the End Of The World, people find the atmosphere so pleasant that they stick around-- often for the entire weekend! And after spending so much time there, getting to know the artists, they tend to develop relationships and make purchases on that basis.

We have a superb sales record for a gallery of our size and nature.

The next ArtBender Weekend is the first full weekend of December '09. OPEN CALLS will be held on Saturdays the 17th and 24th of October. PLEASE BRING SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK.

If you can't make it to the open calls for whatever reason but would still like to participate, please call or e-mail the gallery to make other arrangements.

Open Call
Sat. Oct. 17th & 24th, noon-5pm
2475 N. Lake Ave., Altadena CA (Lake Ave exit off 210/134 Fwy)

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