Friday, April 16, 2010

Judas Priest on HD Net Sunday

Find yourself dreading going back to work or school most Sunday nights? Well, Judas Priest is offering to blow away any Sunday blues you may be experiencing on the evening of April 18th, when two kick-ass Priest programs will air on HD NET at 6:25pm EST and 6:55pm EST, respectively.

First up will be ‘The Making of British Steel,’ as all four original members look back on how they created one of the most influential (and biggest selling) heavy metal records of all time. With clips and stories of the entire process thirty years later, this special is a music lover's dream.

And immediately following will be ‘Judas Priest Live: British Steel 30th Anniversary Special,’ which sees the group play the entire classic ‘British Steel’ album in its entirety (as well as other Priest classics) from the Hard Rock Seminole Arena in Hollywood, Florida.

The latter live performance will also be included as a DVD with the upcoming ‘British Steel 30th Anniversary,’ which is set for release on May 11th. Long considered one of heavy metal’s all-time classic albums, ‘British Steel’ (originally released in 1980) spawned such Priest classics as “Breaking the Law” and “Living After Midnight,” and is pound for pound arguably one of Priest’s strongest and most potent recording from front to back.

‘British Steel 30th Anniversary’ will be made available as two different versions - one that will be available online and in stores, as well as one that will be sold exclusively through the group’s site (which features the ‘British Steel’ CD and the live DVD, as well as a CD which is the “audio counterpart” of the DVD - minus one track). Get ready to break the law once more with the mighty Priest!


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