Monday, October 25, 2010

"Baby in Bliss" music for mom and baby

Baby in Bliss is a new age CD and DVD that enhances mom and baby’s musical experience while helping develop their bond. The drum beats of the spiritual melodies are said to connect us to our pulse and our heartbeat, grounding us back to the rhythm that began in the womb.

The tracks are titled spiritual themes ranging from Peace, Gratitude, Love, Bliss and many more. It’s great for newborns through young children.

Grouped with melodic voices, inspirational lyrics, positive messages, beautiful instrumental accompaniment, and guidance from spirit, you arrive at a uniquely magical musical experience. Instantly calming and contagiously happy, Baby in Bliss may just take you and your baby to a whole new level of connection. In children, Baby in Bliss brings out peace, calm, joy, love, focus, inspiration, gratitude, and compassion within them.

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