Friday, October 29, 2010

The Shondes release new EP

The Shondes to release new EP featuring B-Sides from “My Dear One” sessions.

The Shondes
Lines & Hooks +3
(Fanatic Records, 11/16/10)
Track Listing:
01. Lines & Hooks
02. Mourning Doves
03. Over The Noise
04. Something To Sing About

Brooklyn-based band The Shondes will release the latest single from their My Dear One album on November 16th in the form of an EP. “Lines & Hooks +3” contains the title track culled from the band’s second album along with three previously unreleased tracks from the My Dear One sessions.

Having a song referred to as the “newest lonely hearts epic” by Chris Weingarten in the Village Voice and thought of as possibly “one of the real world's favorite bands of the next decade” by Chris Estey of popular culture website, Three Imaginary Girls, one thing is becoming clear – guys named Chris love The Shondes.

In fact, lots of people with lots of different names have been falling in love with this band recently thanks to consistent touring, a sincere relationship with fans, and an abiding commitment to its politics. In addition to making political art and melding influences as disparate as classical and traditional Jewish music and punk rock, The Shondes work for justice on many public levels, including in queer communities and as Jews fighting for a free Palestine.

The intersection of these influences coupled with the band’s uncanny ability to connect in a more personal way – The Shondes current album My Dear One is a break-up record that anyone could relate to – have helped the group accumulate a fervent following over the last few years.

As The Shondes have been holed up working on demos for a third album, tonight’s performance at Brooklyn’s House of Yes can be considered an anomaly of sorts for a group used to playing live all of the time. Expect for a few new tunes to be tested and be sure to listen for the new single “Lines & Hooks” as well.

The Shondes
My Dear One
(Fanatic Records, 5/4/10)
Track Listing:
01. My Dear One
02. Fire Again
03. Lines and Hooks
04. Nothing Glows
05. Get Out
06. The Coming Night
07. Miami
08. Gather Up Your Prayers
09. You Ought To Be Ashamed
10. All The Good Things
11. Make It Beautiful
12. Twilight

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