Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tahiti 80 releases EP with new album to follow

Tahiti 80 Heats Up the Winter
With New EP and Album
New EP, Solitary Bizness, In Stores TODAY!
New Full-length, The Past, The Present & The Possible, coming February 22, 2011
(both releases on Human Sounds)

Formed by multi instrumentalists Xavier Boyer, Médéric Gontier, Sylvain Marchand & Pedro Resende, Tahiti 80’s adventure began in the French cities of Rouen and Paris in the mid 90s.

Their first full-length, Puzzle, recorded with Andy Chase (Ivy, Brookville) and featuring Eric Matthews and Adam Schlesinger, was released by Minty Fresh in the U.S. in 1999, and was critically acclaimed as a refreshingly upbeat nod to late 60s West Coast pop (particularly the Beach Boys). The album also placed Tahiti 80 squarely in the center of the “French Pop Invasion” that was hitting the U.S., along with fellow French bands Phoenix and Air (most notably).

Since that time, the ever-prolific Tahiti 80 has released three additional albums and eight EPs.

The band’s current line-up has grown to include Raphael Leger and Julien Barbagallo. T80’s ninth and latest EP, Solitary Bizness EP, is a prelude to their upcoming fifth album, The Past, The Present & The Possible, and represents the strongest experimentation of the band’s career while still maintaining the it’s signature sound.

Recorded in T80s “Tahitilab”, the new EP and album once again capture singer/guitarist Xavier Boyer’s breezy vocals and heartfelt lyrics, while infectious beats, rhythms and boops uncontrollably propel the mind and body.

Both the EP and album are being released on T80s own label, Human Sounds(a reference to The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds). The Past, The Present & The Possible will be coming your way shortly, featuring contributions from Tony Lash & Tore Johansson (both of whom have worked with the band for years). There will also be remixes by Château Marmont, Pilooski, John Talabot, and more!

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