Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Tins release new album

“The Green Room” is the first single from Tins by The Tins.



More About The Tins

“The track is a beautiful, slow building, seven minute melody based jam that the most seasoned of bands probably wish they would have come up with.” – Baeble Music

Buffalo, New York-based band The Tins has completed the video for its much-loved song “The Green Room”. The clip is a charming, lo-fi affair depicting God as a clerk in an English mini-mart (you can’t miss the trademark Heinz Beanz). Turns out that even the Almighty’s existence is pretty mundane and fraught with difficult choices that don’t always produce the most desirable results!

The Tins recently released its self-titled five-track debut EP via V2 Benelux, the arm of the influential label based in the Netherlands. It might be out of the ordinary to be discovered by a major label so far from home, but the situation has turned out well so far for the band who will perform twice at next week’s CMJ festival.

“The Green Room,” the first single from the Tins EP, has already gained the attention of the UK (and possibly the world’s) most influential music publication, the NME which called the track “extraordinarily moving”. The song is a seven-minute mini-epic that perfectly spotlights the cross section of Radiohead and Wilco that The Tins mine. Fans of pioneering artists such as Yo La Tengo and The Flaming Lips will find much to like about The Tins as well.

The band is now beginning to make its presence known in the states. The energetic stage show put on by Mike Santillo (keyboards, vocals), Adam Putzer (guitar, vocals), and Dave Muntner (drums) shows off the great chemistry these guys have with one another and is also reflected in their collaborative songwriting, multi-instrumentalism and the shared lead vocals of Santillo and Putzer.

The Tins
(V2 Benelux – OUT NOW)
Track Listing

1. Subtle Rattle
2. Backbone
3. The Green Room
4. June Avenue
5. Opposite C

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