Thursday, May 26, 2011

Robert Pollard to release album

2011 is turning out to be quite a year for Robert Pollard. The hugely successful Guided By Voices reunion tour is doing victory laps at Pitchfork, Northside, Hopscotch and Sasquatch Festivals, a tribute album is coming out for Record Store Day (including Pollard covers by Flaming Lips, Lou Barlow, David Kilgour, James Husband, Blitzen Trapper, Thurston Moore), and, believe it not, new White House Spokesman Jay Carney declared in a press conference that he's obsessed with Guided By Voices January, February and March saw three remarkable albums by Pollard projects (as well as a live Guided By Voices triple-LP) and watch out, here comes another one, with a new twist.

On Lord Of The Birdcage, out May 31st, Pollard reverses his usual songwriting process, transforming a dozen previously written poems into songs. His whimsical, surrealist lyrics take center stage.

Lord Of The Birdcage is a subtle record, of mostly steady, relaxed tempos, power pop, glam chugs, gorgeous ballads and a notable number of 3/4 waltz-time meters, including the haunting acoustic "In A Circle", the frenetic rocker "You Sold Me Quickly" and the lush string-driven "Silence Before Violence." Lord Of The Birdcage is a rather cohesive flowing work, and Pollard's sublime songs reveal their treasures through repeat listening. His albums are consistently rewarding.

Robert Pollard Lord Of The Birdcage
1. Smashed Middle Finger
2. Aspersion
3. Dunce Codex
4. Garden Smarm
5. You Can’t Challenge Forward Progress
6. In A Circle
7. You Sold Me Quickly
8. The Focus (Burning)
9. Ribbon Of Fat
10. Silence Before Violence
11. Holy Fire
12. Ash Ript Telecopter

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