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Cary Sullivan photo exhibit in Malibu Nov. 17-Jan. 7

Please JOIN US on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 4 to 8pm for the
opening of Cary Sullivan's brand new solo photography show "Soul Adventurer"at the Dan Eldon Gallery at Creative Visions in Malibu, CA. DJ Glenn Red
(Afro Funke')
will be on hand to keep you on your dancing feet plus wine
& refreshments will be served.
Come check out some amazing art including Dan Eldon originals, see what
Creative Visions
is doing around the world with their "creative activists," hear
great music, hang out with 
friends old and new and enjoy the sea & sunshine in
a beautiful location over looking the
Pacific Ocean!
Cary Sullivan is a multi-talented photographer, club promoter, event producer,
talent booker, 
artist manager, activist and mother. Cary Sullivan's photographs
have been used in the cutting 
edge series of flyers that have promoted her weekly
event Afro Funke' since its inception 
9 years ago. Cary has been a featured photographer
in a variety of solo & group photography 
shows around Los Angeles including
Create:Fixate, Art Share, Submerged Gallery, G2 Gallery, 
The Circle and the Dan Eldon
Gallery. Cary recently displayed work with her NGO Africa Live! 
and its collaborative
projects with UNICEF and the Carter Center which focus on the crucial 
water and
sanitation issues plaguing Northern Ghana at Electric Lodge  in Venice, CA.
Soul Adventurer:
"On my very first trip to Ghana, I was invited to a ceremony held in
the small village of Fise, located in the great Accra area. Fise was
very interesting at the time, as it was primarily populated by the
Ewe people while being surrounded by Akan-speaking villages.
The Ewe are known for their powerful connection to African
Traditional Religion and its indigenous beliefs and practices.
I had travelled with a group of friends and we stayed the night
following the performance of some rituals. The following day,
while we were still hanging out and enjoying Fise, one of the
female elders became "possessed." As always, my camera was
close at hand and though I was anxious to capture what was
the scene, I also wanted to respect the local culture.  I asked
the village Chief if I could take photos and was told that I was
welcome to - but that they would probably not come out. The
Chief also explained to me that a relative from the coast was
ill and had "possessed" the woman's body to let the local
villagers know what was happening.  
When I returned the U.S. and developed the film, I was amazed
to find many layers of multiple images on top of the photographs
of the woman. Not only did I not recognize any of the other
locations captured in these layers, neither did my traveling
partner. When I presented my photographs to my teacher at
university, I was looking for a logical explanation, but he
stated his belief that the woman had "projected" the images
from her mind during her possession onto my film. I tend to
believe my teacher but of course everyone has his or her own truth.  
I treasure this roll of film, which has never been shown before. 

The film has not been cut as the images run in between the spaces
as well.

Open your mind, open your hearts and enjoy the journey
in "Soul Adventurer."
- Cary Sullivan
Creative Visions: Inspired by the life of Dan Eldon, Creative Visions
inspires and supports 
creative activists – individuals who use
media and the arts to raise awareness of critical issues 
around the globe and
ignite positive change.
CVF provides tools, mentorship, resources and an linked community to help
our activists 
harness the power of media, arts and technology to solve global
problems in the areas of: 
human rights, environment, youth & education,
woman empowerment, and global 

DJ Glenn Red(Afro Funke’/ Eclectica)
Saturday, November 17, 2012
Cary Sullivan
"Soul Adventurer"

Solo Photography Show 
Opening 4-8pm
Dan Eldon Gallery @ Creative Visions
18820 Pacific Coast Highway #101

(2nd floor of American Apparel Building)

Malibu, CA 310.456.1109
(Show up through January 7, 2013)
"I am an African not because I was born in Africa, but because
Africa was born in me."
Kwame Nkrumah
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