Friday, November 9, 2012

End o' week musings

It's been a better than average week at Casa Mickie...

Saturday morning found me in the movie theater watching "Wreck-It Ralph." It's a fun little film with terrific animation and lots of references to video games of the past through today. If you want good movie reviews, such as the new Bond film, visit ticket or read Tickets Please at

In the evening I danced at Colonnade Gallery and Art Studio in Pasadena with my friends, Joyce, Joanne and Fred supplying some great music. People were surprised that I could shimmy my way through the narrow space with two sword on my head, but the challenge is the fun for me.  The art exhibit, which focuses on dining and cuisine, is still up through the end of the month

After our performance we went to Briganti in South Pasadena for dinner. The ambience was OK and the food was wonderful. I had pizza, which was done traditionally and bursted with flavor.

Sunday was funday for me. I met my friend Dean for a day of adventure. We began with breakfast at the coolest McDonald's ever. Tucked in an odd corner of Sierra Madre/Altadena, it is like a walk into the past. The eatery has old toys in cases on the walls, as well as a wall of tin windups and several pedal cars hanging from the ceiling. The best part was looking at all the displays and recognizing favorite toys from childhood. The second best part was there wasn't a television screen in the place! And the food was good too.

From there we went to Topanga beach. It wasn't crowded so we found a nice spot not too far from the water and not too close to anyone else. We watched the people kayaking and playing in the water. It wasn't good enough for surfing. We also saw dolphins swimming by (they're good luck~ yay!).  I snoozed for a little bit and woke up to find us surrounded by gulls. Dean was feeding them peanuts and crackers, so of course they were crowding around. I got up and played in the edge of the water for a while before we headed back inland.

Our last stop was at Fry's Electronics in Woodland Hills. Every Fry's is decorated in a different theme and I'm only really acquainted with Industry, where it's all gears and steampunkish. This one was "Alice in Wonderland." You entered the doors and immediately you're going down the rabbit hole, seeing bookshelves, pictures and other items on the ceiling. Inside the store, there is a water fountain with a statue of Alice and statues of other things scattered throughout, including tea sets!

I got very excited and tried to find each character from the story, especially my favorite, the Cheshire Cat. There were also huges statues of the Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, Duchess - complete with a flamingo - Queen of Hearts and more. It was like a trip to a mini-Disneyland!

Wednesday will remain as one of the most memorable days of my life. I was sent out to interview a very charming and handsome leading man-- Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier from the films, "The Artist" and "Water for Elephants." He was lovely and greeted me with kisses. I got to watch him go through some of his tricks with his dad, Omar von Muller, and also spend some time just petting and holding him. It made me miss my pup Atticus, but it's nice to see another dog doing well, as he could have ended up in the pound if it wasn't for Omar. Watch for my story at at the end of December, meanwhile you can check out our photo shoot with photographer Walt Mancini at

Last night I attended Doo Dah Deconstructed, a panel discussion at the Pasadena Museum of History on the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade. Topics ranged from its impact on and reflection of society and culture to favorite entries and it proved and entertaining and enlightening night.The talk was in conjunction with the venue's Doo Dah exhibit, which continues through Jan. 13.

This weekend I have another dance gig, along with lots of other adventures...

In rotation this week:  Von Helsing's Curse, Owl City, Slash and Sunflower Dead.

Photos we got 'em: A wacky shot off the web that looks quite a bit like my desk at work, a photo of me and Uggie shot by Walt Mancini and a pic of me checking out the Cheshire Cat at Fry's Electronics.

Thought o' theWeek; Sometimes you have to stand up. I've been having problems with a coworker lately, not in getting along, but in what our work duties are and dealing with the myriad of changes in the office. I have been having to take on more secretarial type duties and they are starting to crowd out some of my story writing time. I have tried to address this with my coworker, but it hasn't sunk in.

I finally had a chat with my boss about what is expected of me - and my coworker - as things change. She reassured me that things will work out, but it may take some time. I don't mind doing other jobs, I just want to make sure my main work gets done. We'll see what happens.

My point is that I felt kind of bad bringing up the topic with my boss, as if I was ratting on my coworker for not pulling their weight, but that wasn't my intent and my boss understood. I feel better with the problem out in the open and knowing it's being addressed. You don't have to be nasty or complaining to deal with things, but sometimes you have to stand up.

Keep on rockin'

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