Thursday, November 15, 2012

George Cole & Eurocana in Altadena Dec. 2

Coming Live, from the Bay Area:

George Cole and Eurocana

The Local Show:
December 2: Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA  $20

George Cole and Eurocana are a national touring act based out of the SF Bay Area. The show they are touring in December has new songs and favorites with a few holiday classics - all delivered in a "hot" style that will leave your ears smiling and your toes tapping!

Everyone loves a good song, we crave stories told well. Virtuoso guitarist, vocalist, composer, and lyricist George Cole has a mission to write another chapter to the Great American Songbook - so far so good!  He is a consummate performer, bringing vast experience and enormous talent to each show and every project he is a part of. His music group, Eurocana, swings with energy and life delivering all original music with vocal harmonies and world class musicianship. “Eurocana” is the name of the band, AND it describes a musical genre - It's 21st century Tin Pan Alley with a hat-tip to the Gypsy fueled jazz of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.

“Eurocana:”  George Cole lead vocals and lead guitar,Stephan Dudash violin/vocals, Mathias Minquet guitar/vocals, and Kaeli Earle on lead vocals and acoustic upright bass.

Great songs and amazing performers bringing it. From Nashville, Stephan Dudash truly is America's Swing Violinist. He's toured with Olivia Newton-John, performed on the Tonight Show with both Shania Twain and David Lee Roth. Stephan has no peer, he's the best of the best. Parisian guitarist Mathias Minquet has an impeccable, intuitive musical gift, no one plays guitar like him. As a performer his irresistible french charm and undeniable skill make the crowd beg for more. Kaeli Earle has an energetic, fearless spark that lights up the stage, her vocals are fresh yet classic and her fluid bass lines give the group a rock solid underpinning.

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