Monday, November 12, 2012

Julie Adams program in Altadena Nov. 17

The Coffee Gallery Backstage continues with its programs of presenting well known people for interviews and Q & A.

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, CA.   No Reservations for this event.

Julie Adams: Beyond the Black Lagoon
Actress Julie Adams has had a long and productive career dating back to the late 1940s, during which time she has worked in film, television, and on the stage. She has played an extremely wide range of characters, from powerful career women and duplicitous schemers to supportive wives and the object of men’s desires. Miss Adams has starred in everything from costume dramas and westerns to sitcoms and contemporary crime shows.  Although she’s had roles in over 200 productions, Julie Adams is primarily known for her iconic status as the white-bathing-suited Kay Lawrence in the classic 1954 monster movie, Creature From the Black Lagoon. Her part as the gorgeous damsel in distress has brought her much pop culture recognition.

Despite her fame as the Creature’s girlfriend, Miss Adams is much more than a one-role actress. But due to her stunning looks and understated acting style, the fact that she was one of the more talented performers of her generation has not been widely recognized. Inside the business, her skills are well-known, which is one reason for her long career that has included work with John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Angela Lansbury, Jimmy Stewart, Gary Sinese, Rock Hudson, Tyrone Power, Barbara Stanwyck, Glenn Ford, Doris Day, Kathleen Quinlan, and Oliver Stone.

On Saturday, November 17th, 2012, at 3:00 p.m. at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, writer David Schecter will offer a look into Julie Adams’ remarkable career. Her acting style will be profiled through video clips of some of her most famous and least-known performances, and after the presentation, Miss Adams will partake in a Q & A with the audience. This event will be a fun and fascinating showcase into one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented living legends.

Afterwards, attendees are invited to meet Julie Adams in person, where she will be signing copies of her immensely enjoyable autobiography The Lucky Southern Star: Reflections from the Black Lagoon, co-written with her son Mitch Danton. This event is free, and seating is limited.


1 Yes -- books will be sold.

2 The books will be sold for $30.00, if the book buyer would like a personally autographed picture from Julie's collection with the book -- that is an additional $10.00 with book purchase.  Signed book with autographed photo: $40.00.

3 David and I will be writing down credit card numbers for those customers who do not have cash.  So yes -- we will handle all credit card transactions.

4.  Let's go with "first come, first served."  Please let them know to arrive early for best seating.  We can always sign a book for someone if it fills up and they can't get in...

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