Thursday, November 8, 2012

Relapse Records issues free digital sampler

Relapse Records has released a free 21 song digital sampler featuring highlights from all of the label’s 2012 releases plus a preview of what's in store for next year.  The sampler contains tracks from genre leaders PIG DESTROYER, BARONESS, DYING FETUS, ROYAL THUNDER, DEATH plus brand new signings IRONHORSE and BLOCKHEADS.  A complete tracklisting is included below while the sampler can be downloaded via Bandcamp here

      Relapse Records is a leading independent label specializing in grindcore, death metal, dark ambient, progressive metal, sludge metal, doom metal and all things dark and heavy.  For more information on the label please visit or stream the label’s esteemed catalog at 

2. IRONHORSE - Failure 
3. WEAPON - Vanguard Of The Morning Star
4. BARONESS - March to the Sea
6. CHRISTIAN MISTRESS - Haunted Hunted
7. HOODED MENACE - Effigies of Evil 
8. SERPENTINE PATH - Crotalus Horridus Horridus 
9.  INVERLOCH - The Menin Road 
10. DYING FETUS - From Womb To Waste 
11. MURDER CONSTRUCT - Compelled by Mediocrity 
12. SPAWN OF POSSESSION - Where Angels Go Demons Follow 
13. PRIMATE - Global Division 
14. HORSEBACK - Ahriman 
15. LOCRIAN - Chalk Point 
16. -16- - Ants in my Bloodstream
17. LIBERTEER - Build No System 
18. GENERAL SURGERY - Like An Ever Flying Limb 
19. CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Senza Impronte 
20. BLOCKHEADS - Famine 
21. DEATH - Living Monstrosity

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