Friday, February 22, 2013

End o' week musing

Gosh, do I ever need this Friday today! It's been one of those non-stop weeks  with too much to do every day - and every night!

It began last week with taking my movie reviewer friend Vernor ( out to B.J.'s for dinner and his birthday Pizookie. For the uninformed, a Pizookie is a cookie fresh and hot from the oven with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream served in a round metal tin. And it's super yummy! 

Saturday I went to my friend and fellow band mate Mary's house to celebrate her birthday. We ate Indian and Mexican food and explored her backyard. I also met her tortoise who had been sunning himself and was making his way back to the bottom of the garden to sleep in his burrow. 

From Mary's I went to the Pasadena Museum of History for the opening of "I Do! I Do!," its exhibit of wedding dresses from 1850-1950. I had written about the show, but it was nice to see it finally up. Most of the dresses are not under glass, so you can really see the details up close for yourself. If you like textiles, sewing, fashion or anything related, you should check this out- 

Sunday I had a performance with Ad Hoc Consort at a church in Rancho Cucamonga. We were one of several renaissance music acts performing to help raise money for the church's homeless outreach projects.

Tuesday I went to Cal Poly Pomona to hear George Takei give his talk. It was very good- he was interesting and know how to strike the perfect balance between drama and levity in his stories of growing up. In the evening I met up with Mike Davis (Dramarama, Halford and chef at the FrontRunner at Santa Anita Park) to do a dining review of Grill 'Em All in Alhambra. I won't give things away, as you should visit regularly for my stories, but I will say that the food was fantastic.

Wednesday I had yet another birthday celebration- dinner with my friend Hara and her friends. It was fun and lively. She knows a lot of interesting people so the conversation was terrific.

Yesterday I had the joy of going to the optometrist. I hate the glaucoma test- you know - the one where they blow air into your eye. Arrgh, a necessary evil! I got a good report, although there is a new pair of glasses in my near-future. I'll be looking good and seeing better.

This weekend my big deal is going on an Esotouric ( architectural bus tour  with Carin and Tom and some friends. It should be fun. And because we are meeting in downtown Los Angeles, I'm going to sneak into the fashion district and pick up some fabric for some new Ren Faire attire.

My drummer friend Ric knows that I am working on our newspaper's Coachella coverage this year, so he sent me some links to different artists he likes that will be appearing there.  My favorite was Reignwolf...

And with the Academy Awards on Sunday, there's all kinds of stuff on the Internet, from food ideas to Oscar-themed games. This link arrived in my email from Thrillist and it's a hoot:

Thrillist Nation
Friday February 22, 2013

Awards Night Bingo 2013

What to do while you're half-watching the Oscars

A Silver Lining to a telecast that often stretches longer than Tarantino's movies/chin, this year's Thrillist Awards Night Bingo boards are flush with 24 randomly generated squares featuring events that could very well happen, from "Tim Burton looks like Robert Smith" to "Alan Arkin admits he's not even really acting".

Click here to get your sheets, and don't forget to refresh between prints...

In rotation this week: Owl City, Tenacious D and Dio.

Photos we got 'em: Just a few animal photos from the web that brightened my week.

Thought o' the week: Don't lose yourself. I've been really wrapped up in work, especially with having to learn a new computer system and still make deadline. I've also had lots of things to do after work. My life has become so busy with stuff I need to do, that I haven't been doing my workouts and walks regularly in a while.

Over the last weeks I've been having some tummy troubles and last night I looked in the mirror and realized I'm looking a tad chubbier. This is not a good thing. Obviously I've been neglecting myself. The problem is, if I continue in this manner, it will catch up with me and I'm going to be getting sick more often, have more trouble with my asthma and back and probably add on other issues. I'm not totally out of control, but this is something I need to nip in the bud.

What I see is that  I've lost myself. What I mean is that I've let a lot of what's going on outside of me take over and I've started neglecting my real needs. The good part is I've realized this quickly so it won't be too hard to turn things back right. And now that I've written it, well, I guess I have to do it ha ha ha!

We all need to pay attention to our bodies, as they are the best indicator as to when we need rest, exercise, to eat better, and so on. Take a minute to evaluate how you feel and look and decide what you might need... don't lose yourself...

Keep on rockin'


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